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Alstom implement an automated change control process to streamline their business strategy

Transport Expresso held Alstom achieve configurable workflow

About Alstom

Alstom is a multinational conglomerate with its main stakes in transport infrastructure, power generation and transmission. It is also the manufacturer of the AGV, TGV, and Eurostar trains, as well as of Citadis trams. It has a presence in over 100 countries around the world.

Key Challenges

At the time, Alstom was undergoing a large 5 year business transformation project, involving a new program rollout of SAP.

This transformation programme anticipated high volumes of changes across a dual-track landscape with the requirement to manage merge and conflict issues.

A tool was needed to deliver efficient, automated, secure and coherent SAP transport management.

How we helped

Alstom had a very clear understanding of their needs and Basis Technologies provided Transport Expresso as the solution of choice to increase productivity, facilitate auditing and make reporting and communication easier.

Alstom chose to work with Transport Expresso to provide stable support to their business without interrupting processes whilst migrating their systems.

What was achieved

Expresso had instant and impressive results. 1000s of transports were successfully deployed throughout the entire SAP landscape whilst maintaining Business as Usual.

The in-built overtake, regression and conflict detection helped to reduce errors and rework and the ability to merge multiple requests into single requests helped to reduce transport volumes.

Business change processes are now executed with greater speed and reduced risk. Alstom saved time and money in implementation and support effort with the ability to assess the impact of transports before their application to critical systems.