DevOps for SAP - what's the practical reality?
Posted by James Roberts - Tuesday, 18th April 2017 - DevOps, Agile Development

Whether or not you believe in the value that DevOps can offer to a business - and there’s already plenty of evidence to show that it can deliver major benefits - there’s no doubt that more and more companies are starting to wonder why they haven’t extended this approach to their ERP systems.

Not so long ago I regularly had to...

8 Transport Expresso features that our customers love (and make their lives a lot easier) - Part II
Posted by Ross McLanachan - Tuesday, 11th April 2017 - DevOps, Agile Development

A few weeks ago I posted eight of the popular features of Transport Expresso that help enable our customers to deliver change quicker and safer.  Things like Manual Steps to ensure consistent, timely...

Are some sports coaches using DevOps to improve their team’s performance?
Posted by Tim England - Thursday, 6th April 2017 - DevOps

When thinking of techniques of how to improve the output of an IT team by moving towards DevOps, it seemed obvious to pick on some sporting examples to demonstrate how it would work. Changing the traditional methodology of how any team operates raises a number of challenges, the team will feel doubt and uncertainty over what is...

How does DevOps affect me as a Product Manager and UX Designer?
Posted by Stephan Metcalfe - Thursday, 16th February 2017 - DevOps, Agile Development

As a Product Manager who also wears the UX Designer hat within my organisation, it is my responsibility to ensure that we provide value for both the user through a good experience and our business by delivering bug-free software that is built in a cost-effective manner.

At Basis Technologies we create...

Posted by Ross McLanachan - Thursday, 16th February 2017 - DevOps, Agile Development

Nothing gives me a warmer feeling inside when I am doing a pre-sales demo or kicking off a new Transport Expresso implementation, and somebody from the client team asks “Does Transport Expresso do this?”.... and it already does.

Often I am asked about functionality that has been in...