Webinar: How analytics can reduce cost and time to market in SAP

Webinar: How analytics can reduce cost and time to market in SAP image

Optimize SAP development performance by identifying waste and inefficiencies

Customer-oriented Business Intelligence tools provide insights that generate real commercial advantage, but a deeper understanding of internal processes can deliver the same outcome through cost reduction and accelerated time to market.

For example, even when the total (and often significant) cost of maintaining and developing an SAP estate is well-known, it can be totally unclear which parts of the process are working most effectively. Waste, inefficiency and bottlenecks are hard to identify and so are difficult to address.

What's more, constant performance feedback is a crucial part of successful execution if you're aiming to reap the many benefits of Agile and DevOps approaches.

Watch this webinar recording to learn:

  • The importance of analytics in identifying where hidden costs and waste exist in SAP change delivery
  • What you need to measure in order to improve the performance of both internal and external teams
  • How analytics and data support Agile and DevOps approaches for SAP
  • The business benefits that analysis of SAP change can deliver, along with some real-life examples.
James Roberts Head of DevOps Product Manager

James Roberts is our Head of DevOps Management at Basis Technologies. With over 19 years experience working with SAP, James works closely with our customers to ensure they are getting the best out of the SAP systems. Leading a highly skilled and motivated team, James has been instrumental in our development of DevAnalytics.