Measuring SAP development and delivery: Real-world insights provided by DevAnalytics

eBook thumbnail:  Real-world insights from DevAnalytics
Download this e-book to see real-world examples of the insights that DevAnalytics can deliver. All the outputs included were generated using historical SAP change data from a range of companies that use Basis Technologies' tools to manage change in their SAP systems.

DevAnalytics supplies insights that can transform the development and delivery of SAP change. A suite of detailed metrics across five key categories - velocity, cycle times, rework & waste, work in progress and approval times - provides the means to identify waste and inefficiency, and to benchmark performance.

Whether you're adopting agile development, DevOps or still using a more traditional ALM approach, those performance metrics deliver the evidence needed to support data-driven business decisions and to help make your SAP systems more effective and efficient through continuous improvement.