Webinar: Use Data-driven insights to optimize SAP processes

Watch this webinar hosted by Basis Technologies.

Continuous improvement is a critical building block towards continuous delivery, and is considered a necessary aspect of both Agile and DevOps methodologies.

Without measurement, data and associated insight, improvement can be difficult to assess. DevAnalytics from Basis Technologies can automatically provide near-real time insight - based on actual SAP development data - that supports continuous improvement and allows businesses to assess performance and productivity.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The scope of performance measurement that is available
  • Methods can be used to improve SAP development performance
  • How to know whether SAP teams are working efficiently or not.
  • How metrics from DevAnalytics can be used to calculate ROI
  • Real-life SAP development use cases, highlighting areas that are working well, those that are not, and our recommendations on how performance could be optimized.

  • Stephan Metcalfe Deputy Product Manager

    Stephan is the Deputy Product Manager here at Basis Technologies. He is responsible for continually improving our software offering through collaboration, analysis and design to create products with a focus on our users. Stephan has been instrumental in our development of DevAnalytics and has great knowledge of how Analytics can contribute to Agile and DevOps.