About Basis Technologies

Our mission is to provide our customers with the agility needed to keep pace with theirs in a time of digital transformation. Our automation tools enable Agile and DevOps for SAP, supporting faster, safer change.

About Basis Technologies

Our mission is to provide our customers with the agility needed to keep pace with theirs in a time of digital transformation. Our automation tools enable Agile and DevOps for SAP, supporting faster, safer change.

What we do

We're SAP experts. We've spent nearly 20 years delivering solutions that help our customers to maximize the investment they've made in SAP.

Today we focus on continuous delivery, providing automation tools that help our customers to align their IT strategy more closely with the needs of the business.

Our unique SAP-focused DevOps Toolset features patented technology that enables organizations to transform slow, linear, manual SAP processes into safe, agile, responsive development practices.

Our tools deliver more SAP change, more quickly, at a lower cost, without the risk of breaking production systems.

That means our customers can stay one step ahead of the competition, and invest in the new rather than just maintaining the old. It means that SAP systems won't hold back their digital transformation.

Ultimately, it means our customers are able keep pace with the needs of theirs.

A unique philosophy

Our automation tools underpin the DevOps and agile methodologies that are increasingly being adopted by SAP users as they strive for greater business agility.  We firmly believe that SAP systems can deliver the same agility and rapid time-to-market as any other IT system, and we've demonstrated the truth of this idea over many years.

By delivering the means to adopt agile and DevOps for SAP, our tools can transform the way companies manage their SAP systems."

Martin Metcalf
CEO Basis Technologies

Why our customers choose Basis Technologies

Proven to deliver

We've spent nearly 20 years helping businesses to work with SAP more efficiently.

Thousands of SAP professionals feel the benefit of products from our DevOps Toolset every day.

SAP Experts

Our SAP-certified products, featuring patented technology and delivered by a team of expert consultants, can optimise even the most complex SAP systems.

Serving the business

Some solutions for SAP force you to work in a way that doesn't suit your business needs.

Our tools provide the flexibility to manage your SAP systems in whatever way you choose.

High quality SAP products since 1997

  1. Basis Technologies Founded


    Basis Technologies was officially founded in Melbourne, Australia.

  2. Transport Express Launched


    Basis Technologies launched the first version of our flagship change and release management product, then titled Transport Express.

  3. London HQ


    Headquarters moved from Melbourne, Australia to London, UK and established as Basis Technologies International Ltd.

  4. Launch of Utilities Solutions


    Basis Technologies launch utility-specific solutions - now best known under the name BDEx - designed to revolutionize the way companies use their customer service and billing, reduce operational costs and hugely improve customer experience.

  5. Official SAP partner


    Basis Technologies named as an official partner of SAP, confirming our deep technical expertise and understanding of SAP environments.

  6. SAP Certification achieved


    Transport Express becomes SAP-certified, underlining its technical credentials and providing even more confidence for users.

  7. First US Office


    Basis Technologies open up their offices in Philadelphia, USA and begin to establish themselves across the Americas.

  8. 24/7 support service introduced


    In recognition of the needs of our users and the increasingly global nature of our customer base, a 24/7 technical support service is introduced.

  9. HANA Start Up Partner


    In recognition of our deep and innovative SAP expertise, Basis Technologies is asked to join the SAP HANA Start-up program as one the 10 founding members.

  10. SnapOps Products Launched


    Basis Technologies launch a new product range. SnapOps tools enable test systems to be built and refreshed more easily, with greater speed, enabling the continuous delivery and testing of SAP changes.

  11. MDR-Diffuser


    Basis Technologies MDR-Diffuser Technology - designed to dynamically distribute ABAP processing to make better use of existing hardware - is introduced. Diffuser sits at the core of many current Basis Technologies products.

  12. Introduction of DevOps Toolset


    Recogizing a growing need for more agile SAP systems, Basis Technologies introduce the DevOps Toolset, a collection of automation tools that enable businesses running SAP to move to continuous delivery of change. Transport Expresso succeeds Transport Express at the core of the line-up.

  13. New York Office Opened


    Basis Technologies open a second Americas office in New York City, adding further support to our growing US business.

  14. German Subsidiary Opened


    Basis Technologies' new German subsidiary, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, brings their DevOps and Business Performance toolset to the D-A-CH SAP market.

  15. Launch of Consolidator


    In response to the increasing demand for SAP system consolidations – driven by a shift to cloud-based ERP in the form of S/4 HANA, sprawling legacy SAP system landscapes, and high levels of M&A activity – Basis Technologies add Consolidator to its range of automation tools.

  16. DevAnalytics Launched


    Basis Technologies introduce another revolutionary product, DevAnalytics, to its expanding DevOps Toolset for SAP. DevAnalytics provides a comprehensive set of metrics that can be used to identify waste, inefficiency and bottlenecks during development and delivery of SAP change.

  17. Expansion of Americas/APAC operations


    Basis Technologies opens an office in Dallas, Texas, to serve as the HQ for a new Americas/Asia-Pacific (AAP) business unit. Supporting an expanding US-based team, the new office emphasizes the growing significance of the company's SAP automation tools in the Americas and APAC regions.

  18. Launch of Testimony


    Basis Technologies further expands its marketing-leading DevOps Toolset with the introduction of Testimony, a ground-breaking new solution that employs Robotic Test Automation to transform SAP regression testing.

The best strategic and customer-focussed delivery team in the SAP business

  • The Leadership Team

    Led by Martin Metcalf, our leadership team is packed with experience and sets the strategic vision for Basis Technologies accordingly. Market-focused, they know how to keep the business fully aligned to customer needs.

  • Our Experts

    Our product team consists of a mix of positions, but they all share an in-depth understanding of SAP systems. The team works closely with customers to understand system-specific needs and ensure that we deliver the right solutions.