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7 of the Best DevOps Articles to Bookmark Now

DevOps has quickly become key to many organizations as they seek a competitive advantage in a rapidly-changing marketplace. With the need to get to market quicker, add new channels, and iterate quickly, DevOps challenges the conventional way of approaching IT. 

However, many enterprises still struggle to define DevOps and integrate it into their IT framework. To help you begin (or continue) your DevOps journey, here are 7 of the best articles from around the web that clarify DevOps and offer tips for implementation in your organization.

What is DevOps?

If you’re looking for a place to start defining DevOps, this TechTarget article delves into how the term is used and what it entails, and it even covers DevOps engineer roles and certifications that can be obtained. Find out what the use of new development tools and best practices can mean for your team and your role in the DevOps movement.   

The 7 habits of highly effective DevOps:

In this take on Steven Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” author Brian Gracely offers a model for IT leaders to bring DevOps into their organization. It’s a high-level overview that provides a great way to outline your own strategy for introducing and implementing DevOps. When it comes to prioritizing, the article talks about core elements that need to be in place for DevOps success, including automation, CI/CD pipelines, and an application platform. 

10 steps to DevOps success in the enterprise:

If you’re looking for more DevOps best practices, you’ll find them here. This TechRepublic article lays out both the technical and non-technical aspects of DevOps to consider as you roll it out across your IT and Operations departments. This includes the very critical cultural shift companies have to make and highlights the need to create continuous feedback loops to measure DevOps success. 

The Four Stages of DevOps Maturity:

Where does your company stand when it comes to the journey to DevOps? This intelligent deep-dive into the various stages will help you answer just that question. A Forbes contributor shares how the paradigm shift to DevOps brings with it a learning curve in the areas of automation, departmental responsibilities, process change, and bottlenecks.  

Agile and DevOps: Friends or foes?

One common misconception about DevOps is that it can’t exist in harmony with Agile. This Atlassian blog post breaks down the differences – and similarities – between the two, providing clarification and breaking down myths about both DevOps and Agile, which can work in tandem for better outcomes. Find out how Product Owners and Service Owners can find common ground when it comes to building, testing, and deploying software.   

10 DevOps experts to follow on Twitter:

If you’re more comfortable in the world of 240 characters or less, or you want to keep on top of the latest DevOps developments, follow these experts identified by TechRepublic who are on top of their DevOps game. From software engineers to industry pioneers, thought leaders, and podcast hosts, these posts touch on culture, advice, day-to-day experiences, industry events and useful tech publications.  

A practical guide to DevOps for SAP

SAP and DevOps may not be spoken of often in the same breath. However, embracing DevOps for SAP can help solve a lot of problems, particularly in a fast-moving digital economy. This white paper explores the practical impact of adopting DevOps across your SAP systems and how it can affect various delivery stages. If you’re looking sideways at your SAP systems and wondering how to leverage the best of DevOps, this white paper shows you how it’s possible.

To learn more about how DevOps can make your SAP system more responsive and automated, and reduce errors, contact us to learn more about how we can help.

This post is the first of a two-part series that examines valuable resources to assist with both DevOps and Agile development.

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