ActiveControl: Basis Technologies’ most powerful DevOps enabler

As Basis Technologies’ product range has evolved over the years, from a straightforward SAP change control solution to a powerful suite of DevOps tools, a number of names and labels have come and gone.

It happens to many products as they evolve over time. Brad’s Drink became Pepsi-Cola, BackRub became Google and even Facebook started life as the rather less engaging Facemash.

Now we’re rolling out the latest iteration of Basis Technologies’ DevOps Toolset for SAP with the introduction of ActiveControl.

ActiveControl combines the core functionality of a number of pre-existing tools – Transport Expresso, ShiftLeft, DevAnalytics and DevMax – into one super-powered package that offers more value to users than ever before.

So why the change? Well, more and more of our customers have come to appreciate the highly complementary nature of our existing tools, and the fact that they deliver the most effective end results and best value for money when used in combination.

ActiveControl is the response to that feedback. It brings together the full feature set into one easy-to-understand new product that delivers the most powerful, effective way to automate SAP change control, support agile development and enable adoption of DevOps for SAP.

ActiveControl is available in two versions. The standard version includes three modules – Transport Expresso, ShiftLeft and DevAnalytics – which provide everything that you need to adopt DevOps and Continuous Delivery in an SAP environment that has a single development system.

ActiveControl Plus offers all the capabilities of the standard version but also includes the DevMax module. DevMax manages the complexities of multi-track development, automatically dealing with conflicts and merging changes.

The first version of ActiveControl is available now, and includes some exciting new features designed to support the transition to S/4HANA and the adoption of agile delivery models. We’ll continue to roll out further updates and enhancements over time, all of which will be available free of charge to subscription customers and to other license holders with an active maintenance agreement.

Transport Expresso, ShiftLeft, DevAnalytics and DevMax are no longer available as stand-alone products but if you’re already using any of them, don’t worry.  They continue to be supported.  If you’re using even earlier variants of our toolset and would like more information about how the introduction of ActiveControl affects you, please contact your Basis Technologies account manager.

For more information about the capabilities of ActiveControl, take a look at the product page or get in touch.

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