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ActiveControl v6.20: Our most powerful change management tool yet

At Basis Technologies we’re constantly striving to ensure that our DevOps toolset provides the best available solution for SAP change management. Listening to our customers is a critical part of that mission as we look to keep on increasing the value of the investment they’ve made.

To that end, we’re delighted to announce the availability of ActiveControl v6.20, the latest iteration of our flagship automation tool.

ActiveControl v6.20 includes a raft of upgrades and new features, many of which were the direct result of end-user requests.

There are too many new options for me to list in this post, but here’s a summary of the highlights. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

Web UI updates:

Many of our clients love ActiveControl’s web UI for the simplicity it offers to approvers, testers and non-expert users, and the fact that it provides browser-based access to key functions.

ActiveControl v6.20 improves on an already best-in-class interface, with a variety of updates that improve ease of use, process efficiency and transport visibility.

Expanded notifications:

ActiveControl’s automated notifications already accelerate the change approval process by ensuring that the right individuals are contacted at the appropriate moments, and by providing easy access to all the information relating to the change(s) in question.

v6.20 improves workflow and process efficiency even further by expanding notification, escalation and error handling capabilities.

ShiftLeft analysis:

ShiftLeft is an optional extension to ActiveControl. It offers advanced analyzers that inspect the technical objects inside every transport in a release, so you can be sure that risks and issues are identified early.

ActiveControl v6.20 further expands this capability, notably through the introduction of support for unit test automation at transport release as well as within the approval flow – a key capability for more mature change processes such as DevOps.

Enhanced transport management functions:

Our DevOps toolset already offers unparalleled visibility and control of transports as they move through the deployment process. v6.20 includes an additional layer of sophistication thanks to extended support for multi-client transport management and a simplified process for management of 3rd party / external, MDG and CM transports.

And there’s more:

In addition to these key updates, ActiveControl v6.20 provides a range of other improvements, both large and small. Notable items include enhanced reporting capabilities, the addition of support for SAP GUI 7.4, and the ability to further customize the approval process based on the attributes of changes.

Last but not least, finding time to safely install the new version won’t be a problem. The ease and simplicity of ActiveControl’s installation process mean that the upgrade can typically be completed in around five days.

If you’d like to find out more about what ActiveControl v6.20, or any of our other products, can offer, contact one of our SAP experts to learn more.

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