Why we’re contributing to the UKISUG S/4HANA Technical Academy 

We’ve been examining the critical role of effective training as we prepare to deliver core learning modules for the UKISUG S/4HANA Technical Academy

Organizations using SAP are acutely aware of the challenges they face when it comes to ensuring a smooth and successful S/4HANA migration ahead of the 2027 deadline.  

In fact, SAP managers and senior leaders have told us, as part of our 2023 landmark study, that the top three barriers to success are: inadequate preparation (75%), a lack of internal skills or resources (50%), and a tendency to ignore the issue due to a perception that SAP’s S/4HANA deadline is still far away (50%).  

Today, we’re homing in on one barrier causing a particular headache: the SAP skills gap.  

Craig Dale, Chief Executive of the UK & Ireland SAP User Group (UKISUG), captures the challenge in his statement: 

“Our most recent member survey highlighted that 90% of organizations are concerned a lack of available skills will impact the speed they move to S/4HANA. 

The skills crunch is real, so as a user group we have invested heavily in the education part of our mandate over the last couple of years.” 

Why is this a concern? 

First of all, we know from our own research that almost half of businesses (43%) feel confident about undertaking SAP transformations based on the in-house skills and resources they have at their disposal.  

This doesn’t bode well for the specific requirements posed by S/4HANA migration and business’ overall abilities to meet these challenges head-on. This is particularly important when you consider that 50% of businesses that have not yet migrated to S/4HANA admit to being held back by not having the right skills in house.  

In short, successful S/4HANA migration is being directly hampered by a lack of relevant, up-to-date knowledge and skills within businesses.  

The good news is businesses recognize this clear barrier and have shown an appetite for change. SAP managers and senior leaders told us that, if given the power to manage SAP the way they wanted, well over a third (42%) would increase their in-house capabilities vs relying solely on external partners. This tells us that many organizations are looking for upskilling to ensure their workforce remains up-to-date, relevant and productive.  

What are we doing about it? 

Passionate about contributing to the growth and development of the SAP community, we are taking proactive steps to upskill those who will be responsible for delivering a smooth and successful S/4HANA migration over the next two years.  

What better way to contribute to the evolution of the SAP community than through collaboration with UKISUG. Their vision to create a vibrant SAP community which learns and develops together is one we are closely aligned with.  

We’re delighted to have been chosen by UKISUG to contribute to its S/4HANA Technical Academy, a six-module training course taking place between 18-20th June.  

Working hand in hand with AvoTechs, a leading SAP software consulting & development firm specializing in preparing businesses for their journey to S/4HANA, we will deliver Module 4 of the training course, focusing specifically on three key areas:  Application Development, Fiori Development, and an overview of SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP).  

 “It’s a pleasure for us to be part of this initiative. We too observe that market demands such trainings all over Europe”, says Mateusz Skrzyniarz, AvoTech’s Founder and CEO.  

At this stage, the training course will be a pilot, with a view to it being rolled out further afield in early 2025. The module will equip household name brands spanning retail, transportation, utilities, public sector and more, with the tools they need to succeed as they transform their SAP landscapes.   

“We’re delighted to have Basis Technologies and its partner AvoTechs on board to support some of our learning modules with their knowledge and expertise, as we enter the pilot phase of our UKISUG S/4HANA Technical Academy.” 

We look forward to seeing course attendees in Birmingham (and online) between 18-20th June! 

Find about more about UKISUG’s initiatives at  

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