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How to Unlock the Full Potential of SAP Signavio

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to make the changes you want when you want decides who leads the pack. SAP Signavio helps businesses define WHAT to change and WHY to change it, but you can extend this value across the lifecycle of change with the right tools. 

SAP change has been a struggle for IT teams and their organizations for decades. Not only is it challenging to make changes at speed, but even understanding what needs to change in the first place can stop innovation in its tracks.  

SAP Signavio addresses this by providing invaluable insight into where your processes can be improved so you can make sure the changes you’re making are the right ones. To turn these recommendations into reality, you also need to understand the wider impact of your changes, as well as how you’re going to action them within a relevant timeframe. Let’s dive deeper into business process transformation and look at two tools from Basis Technologies that apply SAP Signavio’s outputs from discovery to delivery. 

The Benefits of SAP Signavio

SAP Signavio is a business-critical tool that helps organizations gain insights and recommendations on how to transform their processes. It breaks down your company’s ways of working and highlights what needs to be improved in order to enable agile, efficient change across the business. 

By using SAP Signavio’s platform, businesses not only identify the areas that need to be changed, but they also learn why this needs to happen. This helps leaders get better at prioritizing their team’s efforts to drive innovation with digital transformation. 

“With SAP Signavio’s Process Transformation Suite, organizations do not only understand their existing business processes, but also proactively manage and optimize those processes to achieve the agility needed to succeed and thrive,” says Sebastian Schroetel, Vice President and Head of Technology Products, SAP. 

How to Apply SAP Signavio’s Insights Across the Lifecycle of Change

The insights gained from SAP Signavio are invaluable to any organization that wants to understand WHAT needs to change and WHY it’s worth doing. But to get the most out of your investment, you should also look at the wider lifecycle of change

With the critical role SAP systems play in an organization, any change threatens business continuity, and subsequently reputation and revenue. Understanding how your SAP landscape will be affected by a change and who will be impacted is essential to getting ahead of any potential complications. 

There’s also the question of HOW to best action those changes. Even if you know what needs to change and what will be impacted, you still need to execute on those changes while the recommendations are relevant.  

Source: SAP Learning

The graphic above from SAP highlights the lifecycle in the context of business process transformation. Fast time-to-insight helps you do the right things, while fast time-to-adapt help you do things right.  

SAP Signavio contributes to fast time-to-insight, but it works best when you build a toolchain that connects those insights through to execution. 

What You Need to Bring SAP Signavio’s Insights to Life

To get the most out of SAP Signavio’s recommendations, you should complete the lifecycle and deliver business process change faster. Here are two tools from Basis Technologies that do exactly that: 

ActiveDiscover: Actionable Intelligence to Guide SAP Change

As we just mentioned, before you execute any changes recommended by SAP Signavio, you need to understand what will happen when those changes are deployed to protect business continuity. 

ActiveDiscover is the perfect complement to SAP Signavio to help you achieve this. It tells you exactly what systems will be impacted by any change you plan to make, as well as any problems that may arise as a result. This helps you eliminate the risk of errors, and subsequently downtime, that would damage your relationship with customers and threaten revenue. 

ActiveDiscover also helps organizations identify who needs to be involved to action the required changes. This ensures that the right people are assigned to the right tasks, which improves efficiency and further cuts risk. 

ActiveControl: SAP Change Automation for Rapid Execution

To increase value from Signavio’s insights, you need to be able to execute changes quickly while the recommendations are most relevant. 

ActiveControl is a release automation and governance tool and is the final piece of the puzzle. It enables fast time-to-adapt by managing the HOW of business process transformation. By automating the steps involved in deploying SAP change, it allows you to bring SAP Signavio’s insights to life when they’re of most value to the business, while cutting costs associated with process change. Automation also helps eliminate human error from SAP change, removing the dangers of moving at pace. 

ActiveControl can also be used to ensure SAP Signavio’s process modeler is automatically updated within the change process so that the models remain in sync with the changes being deployed in the system. 

In Summary: Unlock the Full Potential of SAP Signavio and Adapt Processes Faster

Business process transformation is a complex undertaking. SAP Signavio provides invaluable insights and recommendations, but you can extend this value from discovery to delivery with the right tools. 

SAP Signavio, ActiveDiscover, and ActiveControl work together to bring SAP change to life. SAP Signavio helps define what and why to change, while ActiveDiscover provides impact analysis and identifies who is best suited to undertake the changes. ActiveControl then manages the execution of those changes, orchestrating and automating the necessary steps to deploy changes safely and quickly. 

By using these tools in tandem, businesses can accelerate the delivery of SAP Signavio’s insights and rapidly adapt processes to stay ahead of the competition. 

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