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ActiveControl RapidImpact: Launching a scalable route to successful change management 

For many years now, ActiveControl has been delivering huge value to hundreds of SAP customers across a wide range of industries. But change, as we all know, is business critical. That’s why we are delighted to announce the launch of RapidImpact, the culmination of years of research into how large SAP customers onboard and scale a change management system to revolutionize the way they run IT projects in line with shifting business needs. 

We understand why organizations are so risk averse when it comes to their change management systems and processes. Our customers have built complex SAP estates that are tailored to their specific needs. The potential for any change, no matter how large or small, to cripple the organization is a genuine, daily concern. Yet the days of a ’big bang’ approach to onboarding a software partner are all but at an end. So, embedding a new solution, be it ActiveControl or any other, requires a deep understanding of the business and its specific needs.  

RapidImpact has been designed to help customers onboard at pace the specific functionality within ActiveControl that will deliver the most immediate value. This will be launched in just a single track, reducing risk to the business. But getting the product live is just the start. After the initial go-live, our expert consultants will continue to support your use of ActiveControl through weeks and months of assessment and continuous improvement to not only demonstrate value but ensure it can then be effortlessly scaled across the enterprise. 

Demonstrating value in weeks

ActiveControl has a wide range of capabilities, but there is a group of core elements that can be deployed at speed and drive immediate business value. These are: 

  • Standard Workflow. Through powerful automation capabilities, all approvals will be delivered by ActiveControl, always ensuring governance and best practice. 
  • General Analyzers. A set of nine analyzers including Conflict analysis, Sequencing and Regression capabilities. These ensure that your changes are fundamentally sound, correctly sequenced and ready for deployment. 
  • Import Scheduling. A flexible and simple system for setting up automatic import schedules for your changes, allowing different types of change to be imported at different times, according to the needs of your business.  
  • Backout. A true differentiator for ActiveControl, this enables customers to fix any errors that might enter production by ‘backing out’ of that change without the need for lengthy processes and approvals to fix it. 

By launching this functionality in weeks, value will be delivered in a scalable manner, providing customers with the confidence to deploy more capabilities across multiple tracks.

Tangible benefits from RapidImpact

There are a huge number of benefits to running ActiveControl, but through RapidImpact, these will be realized far quicker and without the perceived risk of embedding a software partner across the entire enterprise on day one. These include: 

  • Reducing production errors. ActiveControl will minimize production errors by spotting sequencing or dependency issues that drag out a deployment. This can be measured by the fall in RC8s (import errors). 
  • Reduction in the lead time for changes. Through ActiveControl, customers can deploy changes, such as new products, at a far faster speed. SAP has traditionally slowed down development compared to other areas of the IT estate, but it doesn’t need to. This can be measured by a reduction in the number of days from release of transport to deployment. 
  • Reduction in rework. So often an accepted part of IT projects, ActiveControl is proven to drastically cut down rework and can be measured by a reduction in the average number of transports per change. 

Consolidating the lessons learned through years of experience across hundreds of implementations, ActiveControl RapidImpact demonstrates that software partners can have a tangible impact on change management processes in a short space of time, while providing the support and services to deploy more widely across the enterprise. This includes a tried-and-tested timeline for implementation.

To find out more about RapidImpact and how it can help you realize the value of ActiveControl, download the datasheet or contact us today. 

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