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The ticket to greater SAP production stability

Last week whilst getting the bus home from work as I always do, the bus terminated for some unknown reason and myself and around 30 other passengers were all told to get off and catch the next bus that passed.

However, when the next bus arrived a few minutes later, the driver of this one informed us as we got on that we would all have to re-swipe our bus cards as he had no proof we had already paid.

After a brief argument, most passengers in front of me reluctantly paid a second time for their journey home and got on.

Being stereotypically Scottish, and also because I was not far from home, I refused and walked instead.

The thing that annoyed me most wasn’t the money. Or even the fact the driver of this particular bus was being rude.

It was the lack of control and consistency in a ticketless process that was introduced a few years ago amid great fanfare of making the lives of commuters easier.

Ultimately, the bus driver had no means to check if we had already paid, and as a result, customers were being punished by having to pay again.

This is an issue that is equally prevalent in a lot of SAP projects I have worked at. Projects promising great process improvements for customers fail to deliver all of the promised benefits and the original return of investment.

Or worse still, they do not even measure the anticipated benefits, and therefore have absolutely no idea of whether the project was a success or not.

The same could of course be said for implementing a tool such as ActiveControl.

Which is why we have added some Change Analytics so that our customers can compare key pre/post metrics to see how their SAP change delivery has changed since introducing ActiveControl.

We are not talking about rocket science here.

We are talking about simple measures like number of Import Errors, average open time of transports, number of change reworks and other quantitative measures that ultimately help to give an indication of whether ActiveControl has had a positive impact at our customers or not.

Better Quality SAP Testing

Below is one such output example at a customer that decided to switch over to ActiveControl a year and a half ago after using a ‘free’ Change Management tool which had not been delivering the benefits they had originally envisaged.

It shows that since making an investment in ActiveControl, this particular SAP customer has cut the number of Production errors they face by almost 80% – i.e significantly reduced the number of issues that potentially have an impact on their customers in production (and which invariably also take up time for their SAP development team to investigate and address).

Ironically, we believe that by upgrading to the latest version of our software and starting to use some of the more recently added features such as Deep Impact Analysis and Test Impact Radar, they can reduce these production errors down even further. But that is another story.

Basis Technologies offer our Change Analytics tool not just to our existing customers to help them track where they have benefitted from using ActiveControl (and more importantly, where there are still room for further improvements) – but also at selected non-customers that are interested in examining how our products can potentially improve their current processes and SAP Change delivery.

Interested in seeing some stats of is being delivered in your SAP-run company?

Please take a ticket and join the queue.

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