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In the words of Hannibal from the A-Team – “I love it when a plan comes together.”….

This past fortnight I have been over in France performing an ActiveControl implementation at another of Basis Technologies’ new customers.

Aside from it being the very first implementation of the latest and greatest version of ActiveControl – it has also been one of the most straightforward implementations I have been involved in during the two years I’ve been working with the product.

  • Day 1 – the customer signed off the Design Blueprint that we had already completed together remotely via a couple of Webex sessions and a few email exchanges.
  • Day 2 AM – we finished setting up the ECC, BW, PI and Portal landscapes on which the customer wanted to deliver more agile SAP Change on.
  • Day 2 PM – we started testing.

For the rest of the fortnight, we completed end-to-end testing, made a few technical and process tweaks, delivered training across four continents, performed a data migration of all in-flight SAP changes and went live on Day 9 on their BAU landscape, and Day 10 on their Project landscape.

It really was that straightforward.

Naturally, I would like to take all the credit for the lightning speed with which ActiveControl was up and running, but actually very little of it was due to me.

Instead, it was due to a motivated customer who knew exactly what they wanted from their SAP Change Management process, a DevOps Automation tool that could deliver almost all of their requirements out of the box and a straightforward technical setup that required absolutely no specialist skills.

As anybody that knows me from my Axon days will remember, I am the least technical person that has ever worked in the SAP industry. Ever. I don’t come from a technical SAP background. I don’t come from a functional SAP background. Truth be told, I didn’t even log into SAP for my first three years as an SAP consultant.

And therein lies the beauty of ActiveControl. It requires no real technical expertise to set-up.

The Windows-based configuration screens and step by step documentation provided mean that anybody (read: even me) can have ActiveControl up and running in less time than it takes Hannibal, Murdoch, Face and BA to construct an armored vehicle out of a lawn-mower, a stuffed animal and three tangerines.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that when I arrived on site on the first morning of this implementation, the client had actually already done the majority of the technical setup themselves.

I was tempted to put my jacket back on, head back to the airport and leave them to do it all themselves. Bet you couldn’t do that with all (or indeed any) other SAP change management tool on the market today.

We can automate at least 70% of your SAP change processes. I know that it’s a bold statement, but one that we have been able to prove time and time again for ActiveControl customers.

If you want to see ActiveControl in action, book a demo now. 

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