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SAPInsider’s S4 Summit in Dallas: Everything you need to know  

By Jacques Taplin, SAP Solutions Director, Basis Technologies 

We landed in Dallas, Texas to take part in SAPInsider’s S4 Summit, where Basis Technologies, joined by a host of enterprise decision-makers and SAP experts, dived into insight-led discussions around the ongoing digital transformation of enterprises worldwide. From objective and strategy through to solution, the S4 Summit detailed these topics with the usual presence everyone’s come to expect from SAPInsider events.  

Before you ask, yes, AI was indeed a hot topic, present in virtually every presentation! But more on that later. 

We were lucky enough to listen to a range of speakers discussing transformation topics around the looming S/4HANA migration deadline in 2027, which will prove all important for global enterprises’ market competitiveness for years to come! 

Steve Schnoll – Getting Future Ready with the Transformation to SAP S/4HANA 

Keynote speaker, Steve Schnoll, Global Vice President of Strategic Programs at SAP, kicked us off. 

Steve noted that the most effective digital transformation projects are the ones with a diligent plan in place, devoted resources, and clear objectives. The ‘in vogue’ objectives discussed were: 

  1. Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainability 
  1. Rapid deployment of BTP (Business Transformation Programs) for ERP Cloud solutions 
  1. Human Capital Management, Customer Relation Management, Supplier Relation Management 
  1. AI solutions for S/4HANA efficiency 

SAP have acknowledged the demands of their clients. 

First, there is a strong focus on a clean data approach, spurred largely by the ERP Clean Core Strategy – SAP’s minimal modification and cloud-compliant extension that ensures businesses are gaining the organizational benefits promised by a move to the cloud.  

Second, businesses seek a greater degree of control over their vital systems to handle operational change with the agility and transparency that today’s business landscape demands – something Basis Technologies knows more than a bit about, having launched ActiveControl as a solution to this demand.

Everyone in the room was excited to hear about SAP’s latest products. For example, AI-based product Joule (a customizable AI assistant) and SAP Signavio (a change management software suite) have launched alongside SAP’s cloud services expansion, offering high-grade guidance to aid the conversion of CAPEX and OPEX business models. These powerful new products will accelerate businesses’ ability to rapidly deploy solutions to meet the near-constant array of technological changes occurring with ECO systems, meaning businesses can react to changes quickly and gain market advantage. 

Elsewhere, Steve also detailed that AI capabilities within SAP will arrive first for S/4HANA migrated companies, adding pressure to get the gears moving quickly.  

Mark Filus – Top Tips to Maximize your SAP Investment 

With the benefits of S/4HANA heralded, it was time for Mark Filus to share his expertise on how to get the most out of investment in the platform.  

Mark detailed a full picture of SAP and why the vital business system must be considered proactively and in a way that is tailored to organizations’ unique operational landscape. 

In essence, to get the very most from SAP systems, Mark urged businesses to: 

  1. Stay on top of SAP’s vision for the future, ensuring your business is at the cutting edge.  
  1. Implement strategies that make your core system robust, stable, and impervious to unexpected change 
  1. Explore UX with S/4HANA, ensuring SAP actions can be made a pleasurable experience 
  1. Engage with SAP communities to learn about use cases, strategies, and experiences – we’re fully on board with this one, Mark! 

Intelligent Finance with SAP S/4 HANA session with Anurag Barua: 

Next up, SAP veteran Anurag Barua, Digital Transformation Leader at SAP, discussed intelligent finance with S/4HANA.  

Anurag reflected on what ‘operational excellence’ means today, particularly in the financial sector.  

Essentially, it’s finding synergy between business model agility, opportunities for growth, lowering risk and maintaining compliance, and impact-driven innovation. I know what you’re thinking – could AI help? 

According to Anurag, armed with 25 years of experience, the answer is yes. By embedding AI capabilities into S/4HANA systems, AI and cloud combine and previously inaccessible benefits are unlocked. For example, Anurag detailed AI-enabled predictive analysis’ capability to provide fast, accurate, and precise financial information across numerous touchpoints. In turn, businesses gain true alignment and can streamline the economic processes vital to the longevity of their enterprise. Of course, this is only made possible via SAP’s AI innovations, such as Joule, and the ability to embed applications within S/4HANA. 

And finally… 

We’d like to say a huge thanks to SAP and SAPInsider for hosting such a carefully deliberated, brilliantly executed, and ultimately enjoyable and exciting event in Dallas. It’s always such a fulfilling experience meeting like-minded individuals and companies all trying to put their best foot forward in an ever-evolving tech landscape.  

If you’d like to find out more about S/4HANA and how Basis Technologies can help your business, please visit our products page here, or learn more from our other blogs

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