SAPPHIRE NOW 2017: Learn why SAP transformation needs automation and DevOps

Join Basis Technologies on the SUSE booth, #559, at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 to learn more about how some of the world’s largest companies are adopting automation, agile development and DevOps to accelerate SAP change and business transformation.

The pressure is on. Everywhere you look new technology – mobile, IoT, voice, big data – is driving a digital revolution. Customer expectations continue to grow and businesses have to work harder than ever to satisfy them.

Every firm that’s part of this new digitalized world is effectively a software company. It is software that drives businesses forward and enables much of the innovation that sets them apart from their competition.

That being the case, it should be obvious that enterprise applications like SAP will play an important role in business transformation. In future SAP must have the agility to safely accommodate delivery of frequent, rapid change in order to support changing business needs. But let’s be honest – whilst ‘safety first’ is a phrase that would resonate with many SAP teams, words like ‘rapid’ and ‘frequent change’ tend not to be associated with traditional SAP landscapes.

To complicate matters further, a major technological shift is on the horizon in the shape of the move to S/4HANA. Somehow you need to find a way to deal with the ‘to-be’ without putting the ‘as-is’ at risk.

So how do you make sure that your SAP systems can keep up with other IT initiatives and enable the business to deliver? The answer lies in automation and the application of DevOps for SAP.

Built on a foundation of agile development, DevOps is a concept that is widely used in other areas of IT and has been proven to deliver results. At Basis Technologies we know that there is no reason why the same DevOps principles can’t be applied to the way SAP systems are run.

Basis Technologies provides a suite of highly effective automation tools – our DevOps Toolset – that enable fast, frequent delivery of SAP change, and reduce risk to production systems. Continuous delivery of change as and when it’s needed, whilst managing sequencing, dependencies and other critical issues, means you can deliver business value far more quickly and accelerate major transformation programmes.

Join us on the SUSE booth (#559) at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 to learn more about the global brands that we work with, how our tools enable them run their SAP systems more safely and efficiently, and how we can help your business.

Also, make sure to catch the presentation by Basis Technologies’ CTO James Roberts on Wednesday the 17th of May in the SUSE mini-theatre. James will present on Accelerating SAP change: Why successful transformation projects need automation and DevOps.


SAPPHIRE NOW is the largest global business technology event, hosted by SAP. Attendees can connect with the community that uses SAP software every day and learn how to enable their digital business strategy in order to get more from their technology investments.

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