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ShiftLeft your potential SAP issues. Even further.

It’s party season around my house at the moment. Both my daughters were born around this time of the year, which means all the children of the mums and dads that my wife and I met at antenatal classes a few years ago were also born around this time of the year. Which means a children’s birthday party to attend almost every weekend from February through June.


There isn’t even a hint of sarcasm in that last sentence. I really enjoy these children’s parties, not just because it’s an opportunity to spend time with my daughters, but also because I am constantly amazed by how much birthday parties have evolved since my own childhood days of pass the parcel and musical chairs and a slice of cake.

Learn. Innovate. Repeat.

This weekend we were at a party at a place called Little Street. It’s essentially a scaled down version of a town for children to play in. Think a shrunken down supermarket, beauty salon and doctor’s surgery with lots of lots of interactive activities to stimulate young minds and help children learn through play. Next week I am at another party that is set on a working farm. I cannot believe how innovative and varied these children’s play centers have gotten.

That is one of the things I enjoy about working with Basis Technologies. As a software company, we continually have to work to evolve our products to keep our existing customers happy and to keep potential customers interested in buying them. 

ActiveControl and our DevOps toolset may have been around since the late 1990’s, but almost twenty years on, new features are still being added to help SAP customers deliver change in a safe and efficient manner.

We will shortly be releasing TE 6.20, which as usual will include a wide range of new features and functionalities. Some of them are the Basis Technologies team’s own ideas. A lot of them come directly from existing customer feedback and suggestions on how to make the product even better.

ShiftLeft. Even further.

One of the new features I am particularly looking forward to is the ability for Development teams to be able to run all of ActiveControl’s automated checks and analyzers themselves, at the point they are signing off their unit testing (i.e in a Development ‘Test Queue’, for any existing ActiveControl users reading this). This relatively simply enhancement, which was requested by a couple of customers we’ve been working with over the past few months, will help make Development and Functional consultants even more self-sufficient in their SAP Change delivery.

It will further cut out unnecessary delays and hidden factories in the form of Team Leads and Change Managers having to reject problematic transports that needn’t have even reached them for approval in the first place.

It will further reduce the need for unnecessary testing and rework by further shifting left the identification of potential problems with SAP changes being delivered.

Oh, and talking about potential problems, I’d better stop writing this and get back to brushing up on my vocals for the Frozen sing-along birthday party I am taking my daughters to in a few weeks time. I might well draw the line at dressing up as Olaf, but I certainly won’t be saying no to a quick jump around on the Ice Palace bouncy castle.

For any existing customers interested in seeing what else the latest version of our DevOps toolset has to offer, get in touch. Hopefully, you will all be jumping around with excitement when you hear about automated unit testing, the ability to complete Manual Steps in the Web UI, the ability to upload external transport files directly into the Windows GUI and loads more cool new features.

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