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Taking the pain out of SAP HR Payroll Support Packs and implementing with ease

Changes to HR systems – especially regarding payroll – have always been a headache, but in such a turbulent landscape, implementing changes and keeping up-to-date on support represents a real challenge for many organizations. 

The need for Support Packs is becoming much more frequent, moving beyond previous practices of applying them on a yearly basis in order to maintain compliance.  

Corporations are juggling regulatory changes, tax changes and the fallout of big events like strikes. Fortunately, SAP bundles changes and provides Support Packs to make the process a little smoother. 

But here’s where other problems can arise. 

It’s not as simple as deploying the Support Pack and everything is fixed. Many organizations are all too painfully aware that if an implementation fails it can cause a ripple effect. 

A poorly implemented HR Support Pack could result in issues with data integrity, HR processes, and overall business operations. 

For example, unforeseen issues during implementation can lead to cost overruns, system downtime, security vulnerabilities exposing sensitive HR data and even compliance issues. Combined, this can result in a very costly problem. 

It’s therefore of value to go the extra mile to implement Support Packs properly. Organizations go through QA testing, conduct risk assessments, test automation, make further changes, do more testing, and the cycle continues. 

These extra steps are necessary to avoid issues, but when problems are found late in this development cycle, costs are only exacerbated. So, this convoluted journey may still end with several problems and costs a lot of time and money. 

But what if there was another way? 

Only Test Once

By testing the Support Pack before it’s deployed into your system, you gain foresight into the impact of any change you make. Say goodbye to multiple cycles of testing and fixes – now, you only need to test once. Any problem that arises is found and addressed immediately. It also shortens the overall development lifecycle by reducing the testing period.  

All of a sudden, you’ve significantly reduced the cost of defects and their knock-on effects, including any regulatory and reputational issues that may arise. You will no longer run the risk of: 

  • Failing to meet legal and regulatory requirements due to excessively long development cycles 
  • Exposing sensitive HR data to potential breaches or unauthorized access 
  • Poor productivity and customer service due to downtimes and data errors 

This is just one of the challenges that is solved with ActiveDiscover.

With ActiveDiscover from Basis Technologies, you can deploy an SAP HR Payroll Support Pack in a much shorter time frame (days instead of weeks or even months). Importantly, you can identify any issues much earlier in the implementation process and get them fixed straight away. Its risk assessment and predictive success eliminates the need to perform lengthy initial QA testing.  

ActiveDiscover will identify the external systems, users, and SAP programs and transactions that will be affected. Even better, it will identify what has really changed. 

If you want more information on this topic, please feel free to reach out. I can help you to better understand how you can drastically transform your organization’s approach to HR Support Packs. 

Eran Kriegshauser, Client Director at Basis Technologies, Linkedin 

Eran Kriegshauser, an accomplished IT professional, serves as a Client Director at Basis Technologies, based in Texas. With over 5 years of experience at Basis Technologies, he plays a pivotal role in helping organizations unleash the full potential of their SAP systems. Eran’s expertise extends to SAP DevOps and automation, providing actionable insights and solutions that empower leading companies, including P&G, Boeing, and 3M. Prior to his current role, he held key positions at Worksoft, NCH Corporation, and Ristken Software Services, accumulating a wealth of knowledge in software engineering, distributed applications, and data harvesting technology. Eran’s journey as a global architect and software engineer has been marked by a passion for innovation and problem-solving. 

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