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Delivering SAP faster by removing friction

It’s a well-known fact that SAP projects are tough. The interconnectedness of project deliverables, deadlines and milestones make planning a real challenge and good day-to-day tracking and governance absolutely crucial.

But when you break those MS Project plans down into smaller segments and analyze what’s involved in delivering the important milestones, that’s where the real complexity exists.

The complexity lies in all of those SAP changes – code and configuration – that go to make up interfaces, workflows, reports, user-exits, customizing changes, BAPIs and BADIs, Web Dynpros and ABAPs, portal views, BI cubes, batch jobs and variants – there’s simply a relentless stream of technical change going on.

And every change needs to be managed – in and of itself and as an integrated release.

This requires Code Reviews, Performance Tests, Security Inspection, Impact Assessment, Test Script Determination, Functional Testing, Risk Analysis, Dependency Determination, Change Approval and Transport Deployment.

And every twist and turn along the path requires task management and notification.

Even if everything goes smoothly, all of this ‘management’ still accumulates to weeks of effort for your project team. If things don’t go smoothly, this ‘management’ creates even more friction – months of extra effort.

And the problem is, you can’t just ‘not do it’ because of the downstream effects on your project. Skipping any of this project ‘management’ just makes your project longer.

So how do you remove ‘friction’ from an SAP project? How do you make all of these ‘management’ overheads a little less onerous?

The answer lies in automation and workflow. Automate the checks and balances – and create slick workflow steps between them to engineer wait time out of your project.

The result is that massive delays in your entire software delivery process would be alleviated.

For years, we’ve been working with SAP customers on just this – making their SAP projects run faster by using tools that engineer waiting out of the process and ultimately leading to faster projects with greater quality of delivery.

The metrics speak for themselves – when we automate customers’ SAP software delivery lifecycle using ActiveControl, we can help them deliver SAP projects 20% – 30% faster.

Imagine if your next SAP project, upgrade or major enhancement release could be 20-30% faster.

With streamlined delivery, you’d be quicker to market with business functionality and under budget – every CIO’s dream come true.

To learn more about ActiveControl, book a demo now. 

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