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Automation Chemistry SAP ChaRM
Posted by Ross McLanachan - Wednesday, 12th September 2018 - Business Transformation, Optimizing IT

ActiveControl has integrated for many years with a large number of the ITSM tools used by SAP customers.

Think well-known solutions such as Remedy, ServiceNow, HP ALM and IBM Rational, plus slightly lesser common tools (in an SAP context) such as Cherwell and Microsoft Team Foundation...

7 of the Best DevOps Articles to Bookmark Now
Posted by Christie Lindstrom - Wednesday, 29th August 2018 - DevOps, Agile Development

DevOps has quickly become key to many organizations as they seek a competitive advantage in a rapidly-changing marketplace. With the need to get to market quicker, add new channels, and iterate quickly, DevOps challenges the conventional way of approaching IT. 

However, many enterprises still...

DevOps for SAP - what's the practical reality?

Whether or not you believe in the value that DevOps can offer to a business - and there’s already plenty of evidence to show that it can deliver major benefits - there’s no doubt that more and more companies are starting to wonder why they haven’t extended this approach to their ERP systems.

Not so...

Posted by Joey Stephens - Tuesday, 7th August 2018 -

A little background

Like many people with careers in IT, I recently found myself seeking a change in employment. Unlike many people in IT, however, over the past 24 years, I have only worked for a handful of employers. I know, working for the same company for more than a couple of...

Achieve Comprehensive Regression Testing in SAP without Writing Scripts

‘Test scripts’.  A phrase that can strike fear into the hearts of the most intrepid team of developers, QA experts and project managers as they try to deliver changes into an SAP system on time and under budget.  

OK, perhaps not so much ‘fear’ as a disheartening sense of resignation. The fact is,...