How Ericsson responded to evolving customer demands by embracing business transformation with Basis Technologies.


About Ericsson

Founded in 1876 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Ericsson is a telecommunications giant. The firm specializes in the development and deployment of networks, software, and hardware to enable reliable and efficient communication for businesses and consumers worldwide. Employing over 94,500 people globally and with annual revenues exceeding $22.5 billion, Ericsson is shaping the future of mobile broadband internet communications through its technology leadership.


Ericsson's legacy tech hindered its ability to deliver a consistent customer experience

Ericsson faced delays in making changes to its SAP system, impacting operations and lacking transparency and control

The company struggled to align with agile development, risking system stability while conducting necessary changes


Ericsson implemented ActiveControl for automated SAP change management

ActiveControl streamlined workflows, enhancing collaboration and efficiency

The platform integrated seamlessly, reducing manual effort and risk, with support for global teams


Significant reduction in downtime and accelerated project delivery

Replaced manual processes with automation to power innovation, cut costs and reduce business risk, enabling them to engage in transformation with confidence

An integrated approach enabled efficient and streamlined end-to-end change management

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Meeting market needs with Basis Technologies

Executive Summary

Ericsson needed to improve customer satisfaction by solving business challenges posed by complex processes on their SAP systems. They sought to adopt an approach that would make them more agile and efficient in implementing changes on SAP. Ericsson leveraged automation solutions to streamline tasks, reduce manual effort, achieve faster delivery cycles and respond promptly to customer demands. This ultimately resulted in cost savings, improved resource allocation, higher system quality and enhanced reliability, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Ericsson’s 140-year history makes it one of the oldest technology companies in the world, now responsible for carrying around 40% of the world’s current data traffic. Ericsson is therefore committed to ensuring a high quality, consistent experience for its customers.

With its long history comes plenty of legacy technology, which presented Ericsson with challenges in delivering on its commitment to customers.

Changes and integrations to its SAP system were slow, and therefore operations and customer satisfaction were affected. The main obstacle for the brand was the complex and intricate nature of SAP and a lack of a simple solution for implementing change effectively without heavy manual effort that lacked transparency or control, not to mention the potential impact on other areas of the business.

The difficulties in aligning with agile development methodologies were therefore posing serious risks to Ericsson, and the need for minimised disruptions and system stability while also conducting changes became essential.

The Solution

In order to automate and standardize SAP change and release management processes, Ericsson implemented ActiveControl, the leading automation software from Basis Technologies.

This solution would not only make it easier for Ericsson to meet the needs of customers, but ActiveControl provided Ericsson’s users with simplified workflows, making it easier for teams to collaborate and manage the lifecycle of change effectively. It would also allow Ericsson to gain a competitive advantage.

The platform seamlessly integrated with Ericsson’s existing toolchain and provided intelligent automation to eliminate manual efforts and reduce the risk of human error in SAP integration, helping Ericsson safeguard its critical systems to ensure business continuity.

Training and support from Basis Technologies enabled Ericsson’s global teams to successfully adopt and utilize the platform to its full potential, with ease.

The Result

As a result of using ActiveControl, Ericsson now implements continuous change on its SAP systems to reduce the time it takes to make changes, eliminate downtime and ultimately improve their customers’ experience, providing an always-on service.

Importantly, ActiveControl has provided a faster time to market, enabling quicker delivery of SAP changes, allowing Ericsson to introduce new features, enhancements and bug fixes to customers much faster.

By eliminating downtime and enhancing system stability, ActiveControl has improved customer satisfaction through minimised disruptions, one of Ericsson’s biggest historic challenges.

Internally, ActiveControl has also enhanced operational efficiency; the automation and standardization of SAP change and release management processes reduces manual efforts, streamlines operations and optimises resource allocation. Ericsson’s teams are no longer operating in the dark, with better visibility into SAP changes, enabling proactive issue detection, faster resolution and enhanced governance over the SAP landscape.

Ericsson now benefits from optimized SAP integration processes and tools, enabling the technology provider to scale their operations efficiently, accommodate sustainable business growth and adapt to evolving SAP landscapes. Through deploying ActiveControl, the firm is fully equipped for the future and its evolving digital transformation journey.

About ActiveControl

ActiveControl from Basis Technologies automates the end-to-end SAP change and release process to massively reduce manual effort and protect systems from downtime. Built specifically for SAP, it delivers a fundamentally new approach that enables companies to adopt agile development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery in SAP environments.

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