How Hasbro automated major changes to its core system with Basis Technologies


About Hasbro

Founded in 1923, Hasbro is a leading global toy and games manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of famous brands such as Nerf, Play-Doh and Monopoly. The company is based in the United States with a European subsidiary based in the UK. The company has also expanded into the entertainment industry, producing its own movies and TV shows. The organization continues to innovate and adapt to changing consumer preferences, making it a dominant force in the global toy and entertainment market.


Disparate SAP systems in the US and Europe with different workflow approval systems

A lengthy manual process causing delays, transport failures and unnecessarily slow changes

Unable to adapt to business needs in the right amount of time


ActiveControl would enable Hasbro to automate changes effectively

This solution would allow Hasbro to unify its global operations without delay

Throughout the transformation project, ActiveControl would minimize risk


Hasbro was able to unify its SAP systems globally

The organization can how efficiently handle 1,600 transports in a year

Hasbro can successfully release changes when they’re ready, enabling them to respond quickly to market challenges and opportunities

Transformation supported by automation with Basis Technologies

Hasbro implemented Basis Technologies’ ActiveControl solution to automate change and reach their business goals much faster

Executive Summary

Hasbro had two separate SAP systems for America and Europe, each with its own workflow approval processes. The organization wanted to improve and expand these systems across the business but were worried about the manual change process, which wouldn’t be able to handle the changes required. Hasbro partnered with Basis Technologies to improve SAP change processes, achieving better control and the ability to quickly adapt to the business needs. This resulted in a new, unified global production environment.

The Challenge

Hasbro was looking to transform the core systems that its global business was operating on. Its existing systems were siloed, with the American SAP system following an entirely different workflow approval system to that of Europe.

The company needed to improve, expand and unify these systems in order to achieve its business goals. However, Hasbro was concerned that the highly manual SAP change management process it already had in place would not be able to support the volume of change required to meet this objective.

The manual process Hasbro currently had in place was already causing delays, transport failures and longer than necessary changes for the business. If the organization were to engage in a large-scale transformation project, it needed to gain better governance and an increased ability to make rapid and flexible business-driven change to its SAP systems.

The Solution

Hasbro chose ActiveControl to provide a simple, unified, user-friendly system across the organization. Since ActiveControl can automate a lot of the SAP change process, Hasbro would be able to easily track all SAP changes related to their transformation project and conduct faster and safer release cycles to meet their business needs.

This effective tool would reduce the development costs and risks associated with complex SAP change management processes, enabling Hasbro to change with confidence.

The Result

Hasbro effectively unified its global SAP systems through ActiveControl, while achieving the required level of changes thanks to automation. Its streamlined core systems now provide a base from which Hasbro can grow its global organization and subsidiaries.

In addition to that, Hasbro can now efficiently handle over 1600 transports in a year, ensuring that these changes don’t disrupt the system.

What has transformed the change management process is the ability to move changes to production as soon as they’re ready, without waiting for a complete SAP project, enabling Hasbro to respond quickly to market opportunities.

This flexibility and adaptability, enabled by Basis Technologies, is a huge competitive differentiator for Hasbro. The firm can maintain peak performance and reliability, and handle the increasing complexity in its SAP landscape, all while transforming all areas of the business and setting itself up for success.

About ActiveControl

ActiveControl from Basis Technologies automates the end-to-end SAP change and release process to massively reduce manual effort and protect systems from downtime. Built specifically for SAP, it delivers a fundamentally new approach that enables companies to adopt agile development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery in SAP environments.

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