Improve Visibility & Rigor for SAP Audit & Compliance

Assess, Audit & Test with Greater Transparency 

Prove SAP compliance without the manual effort

Internal and external audits are just a way of life for organizations with SAP environments but preparing for them often involves hours of combing through spreadsheets and searching through email threads to gather the right documentation. Not only does this pull valuable time away from other critical business tasks, it introduces opportunity for human error.

Data protection and risk mitigation are key components of security and compliance and modern, agile organizations and teams need a more efficient way to fulfil SAP compliance and audit requirements so they can focus on more valuable tasks without disrupting business operations. 

Automatically Track and Report on System Changes

Our automation technology tracks your changes to SAP, recording associated information in a central location so that SAP teams can easily support audit and compliance requirements. Automatically generate reports to eliminate human error from both data collection and documentation. 

We Consistently Deliver Proven Results

Reduce Risk

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Reduce production failures by 70% and lower the risk of business disruption 

Lower Costs

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Cut the cost of SAP change by more than half 


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Automate 95% of manual tasks to save time and lower risk 

Automate SAP audit & assessment processes to save time and ensure compliance

Total Transparency

Create a full audit history of any change for total transparency into who did what, when. Data includes the results of automated checks, outcome of quality controls, and a complete record of approvals.

Automated workflows

Free up your team’s valuable time with advanced automation that removes the manual burden from their workflows, letting them get back to the projects that matter most to your business.

Comprehensive Reporting

Leverage a wide range of pre-configured reporting options that support most global SAP audit and compliance requirements, allowing you to generate 100% accurate reports in seconds.

Managing the Lifecycle of Change, from Discovery to Delivery

Whether you’re looking for optimize periodic changes from SAP, from the smallest line of code to business-critical regulatory updates, or meeting large business transformation projects, we help streamline operations and meet your dynamic business objectives.

We take a holistic approach to change management, offering a suite of solutions to manage the Lifecycle of Change.

Identify and prioritize the most critical areas of the business impacted by any change

Optimize business synergy by prioritizing and managing multiple projects simultaneously without adversely affecting each other

Automate processes and enable your workforce to focus on high-value activities

Automate and govern change in even the most complex SAP landscapes with ease

Streamline change processes, reduce downtime and support business continuity

Monitor the progress of change initiatives in real time to identify bottlenecks and optimize workflows 

Ready to unlock your full potential with SAP?

Our team of experts apply their unique industry knowledge to help companies embark on a journey of transformation, bespoke to their business objectives. Experience unparalleled efficiency, risk reduction, and accelerated growth to empower your organization for today’s dynamic business landscape.


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