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Current Tool Bypass

With ActiveControl:

You can force your SAP team to log changes at point of creation and replace standard SAP authorizations (TR release, STMS import, etc.) with persona-based roles.

Incorrect Sequencing

With ActiveControl:

Unlock automated sequencing with full visibility and ability to override. Get automated warnings of object level sequencing issues and missing dependencies.

Excessive Retrofit Time

With ActiveControl:

Inline Conflict Analysis highlights potential issues to the TR owners as soon as changes are made in SAPGUI. If there are no conflicts, changes are synchronized across parallel tracks.

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How ActiveControl Powers SAP Global Templates

Find out how ActiveControl automates the deployment of global templates while scanning for object-level dependency issues and ensuring strict governance.


Key Benefits of ActiveControl

Streamlined workflow

Enhance business agility with efficient SAP change processes and automated tasks.

  • Minimize the risk of manual errors with automated tasks
  • Prompt users effectively to approve changes quickly
  • Eliminate process bottlenecks for better business agility

Safe release automation

Facilitate safe and efficient implementation of change and maximize team productivity.

  • Eliminate risk of production outages with automatic deployment in the correct sequence
  • Reduce downtime, ensure operational continuity and maximize resource utilization by automatically rolling back problematic deployments
  • Synchronize changes across multiple development tracks for alignment
Consistent change governance

Effectively manage change across hybrid SAP landscapes with full compliance.

  • Manage and control change effectively across on-premise and hybrid SAP landscapes
  • Ensure quality, regulatory, and compliance targets are met consistently
  • Streamline access control and governance with automatic assignment of SAP user roles

Leverage custom insights for informed decision-making

  • Boost process efficiency and maximize the ROI of SAP systems with easy adoption of IT best practices
  • Reduce costs and complexity of integrating with technical ecosystems
  • Adopt modern IT best practices and integrate with popular development and testing tools


Minimize rework cycles and streamline change approvals.

  • Improve quality, reduce risk and minimize downtime with automated industry-standard analysis in line with governance requirements
  • Reduce foreseeable production issues, change conflicts and missing dependencies
  • Streamline approval processes by automating approvals based on successful analysis checks

Insightful audit & reporting

Powerful reporting capabilities at the touch of a button.

  • Highlight areas for operational improvement, promoting continuous transformation
  • Reduce risk of errors when deploying changes by providing a sequenced build list
  • Streamline auditing processes with readily available data and paper trails

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Reduce risk

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Transport Errors
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Streamline retrofit

Reduction in Manual Effort Managing
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Jacques began his career at Basis Technologies as a Client Director and has since moved into the role of Senior Solutions Engineer. Throughout his tenure, he has collaborated with some of the largest and most complex SAP customers SAP across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Leveraging over 18 years of SAP expertise, Jacques is dedicated to helping businesses enhance their SAP change management processes by reducing risks, cutting costs, and boosting accuracy.  

David Lees

Chief Technology Officer

David Lees joined Basis Technologies in January 2019 as Chief Strategy Officer and now holds the role of CTO, responsible for technology and engineering, leading product strategy, development and customer support. David has more than 20 years of SAP domain experience and expertise, most recently with Procter & Gamble where he held the role of SAP Supply Chain (S/4HANA) Platform Transformation Leader and Global SAP Platform Architect.  

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