Master the Lifecycle of Change in SAP

SAP is at the heart of almost every large organization’s IT estate, running core functions such as finance, HR and operations. These companies must deal with change each and every day, from mandatory bug fixes put in place by SAP to the largest transformation projects driven by the C-suite. Basis Technologies empowers the world’s best performing organizations to manage the Lifecycle of Change, from discovery to delivery.
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Solving critical business challenges with automation

Unlock innovation with the SAP automation solutions your business requires. Designed for enterprises looking to transform the way they deliver SAP change, our solutions give you the speed, agility and quality you need to maintain a competitive edge.

Power Innovation

Embrace business transformation with confidence

Drive Growth

Seize opportunities to gain competitive advantage

Eliminate Risk

Safeguard critical systems to ensure business continuity

Managing the Lifecycle of Change, from Discovery to Delivery

Solving your business challenges

Power innovation to stay ahead of the competition

Eliminate risk that harms business operations
Drive growth to maintain market dominance
Discover the pathway to change with confidence

Improve coordination across departments

Achieve operational stability

96% of enterprises fear unintended business disruption

SAP change might be critical, but almost every enterprise fears what could happen if things go wrong. In fact, one third of companies delay projects they know will add value to their business just to avoid this risk.

See how your peers are handling SAP-driven business transformation in our research report.

Our Products in Focus

Identify and prioritize the most critical areas of the business impacted by any change

Optimize business synergy by prioritizing and managing multiple projects simultaneously without adversely affecting each other

Automate processes and enable your workforce to focus on high-value activities

Automate and govern change in even the most complex SAP landscapes with ease

Streamline change processes, reduce downtime and support business continuity

Monitor the progress of change initiatives in real time to identify bottlenecks and optimize workflows 


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Master the Lifecycle of Change in SAP

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