Hybrid SAP Transformation

For large enterprises engaging in a landscape transformation.


SAP Transformation with minimized disruption

Basis Technologies supports you at every stage of your SAP migration journey so you can unlock the value of S/4HANA faster and embrace change with confidence.

Engaging in a hybrid SAP transformation allows organizations to retain key custom developments in a move to S/4HANA while dropping data they no longer need, minimizing the amount of disruption.

As you move business units or regions across to S/4HANA in a phased approach, primarily to reduce business risk, adopting advanced automation will empower you to:
  • Speed up lengthy migration processes
  • Ensure business-critical customizations and processes are retained
  • Continue to innovate while migrating different elements of an estate
  • Avoid costly delays
  • Eliminate business risk throughout

Hybrid: How Basis Supports

Embrace technical complexity

Remove manual effort from all changes between ECC and S/4HANA, so your business can run without interruption during development and after go-live.

A single source
of truth

Embrace the simplicity of a single platform, empowering you to make a successful transition to S/4HANA with full visibility, while keeping costs down and ensuring the security of critical systems and data throughout the process.

Change with

Easily keep new and legacy systems in sync with automated Dual Maintenance as the S/4HANA platform is configured, built and tested, ensuring the move doesn't have a negative impact on existing systems and processes.

Trusted By World-Leading Organizations

Having scaled from a start-up to a global e-commerce brand, Vistaprint realized that their business had become less responsive to customers and the market. To address this, it partnered with Basis Technologies.

Founded in 1948 and now one of the world’s most recognizable brands, the Honda Motor Company is a major manufacturer and retailer of automobiles, motorcycles and a wide variety of other products including engines, aircraft and robots.

A Basis customer since December 2021, Watches of Switzerland has a complex, extensive SAP landscape that requires significant maintenance, as well as demand for faster change.

Embracing Brownfield S/4HANA Transformation with Confidence

The transition from SAP ECC to S/4HANA marks a pivotal moment for organizations seeking to unlock greater potential and stay ahead of the curve. However, the journey towards S/4HANA transformation, particularly for those with Brownfield estates, presents unique challenges that demand thoughtful consideration.


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Powered by market-leading products

Identify and prioritize the most critical areas of the business impacted by any change

Optimize business synergy by prioritizing and managing multiple projects simultaneously without adversely affecting each other

Automate processes and enable your workforce to focus on high-value activities

Automate and govern change in even the most complex SAP landscapes with ease

Streamline change processes, reduce downtime and support business continuity

Monitor the progress of change initiatives in real time to identify bottlenecks and optimize workflows

Ready to unlock your full potential with SAP?

Embark on a journey of innovation with Basis Technologies’ game-changing product suite. It’s time to embrace technical complexity, gain a single source of truth across the business and, ultimately, change with confidence.