Lead the future of the energy industry with SAP automation

As the oil and gas industry transitions towards sustainable energy sources, our automation and analytics solutions for SAP help you prepare your digital infrastructure. We provide the agility and resilience you need to change faster while protecting operational continuity.

Helping the oil and gas industry change with confidence 

We have over 25 years of experience helping oil and gas companies tackle evolving geopolitical and macroeconomic challenges. By streamlining the SAP change process with automation and insights, you can increase operational agility, navigate the energy transition, and uphold safety and environmental standards.

Prevent SAP systems from becoming a bottleneck in your transition towards renewable integration

Make exploration, production and distribution more efficient and cost-effective with predictive analysis

Safeguard your operations, personnel and the environment by eliminating risk from system failures

Solving challenges for oil and gas

Our SAP automation solutions for the oil and gas industry are designed to help you easily address regulatory compliance and integrate with your wider IT stack. We empower our energy customers to be agile and resilient in the face of change.

Integrate multiple data sources and tech solutions with SAP

Monitor SAP change in real time to optimize workflows 

Refine exploration & reservoir management with predictive analytics

Maintain the highest standards of compliance with automated audits

Strengthen the resilience of your supply chain as you transform

Protect your critical infrastructure from cyber threats 

Our SAP automation solutions for oil and gas

Combine the actionable insights from ActiveDiscover with powerful automation capabilities of ActiveControl. 

Identify and prioritize the most critical areas of the business impacted by any change

Optimize business synergy by prioritizing and managing multiple projects simultaneously without adversely affecting each other

Automate processes and enable your workforce to focus on high-value activities

Automate and govern change in even the most complex SAP landscapes with ease

Streamline change processes, reduce downtime and support business continuity

Monitor the progress of change initiatives in real time to identify bottlenecks and optimize workflows 

Work in Exception Management?

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Talk to an SAP oil and gas expert

Our experts bring in-depth knowledge of the Oil and Gas sector to help your company embark on a transformative journey tailored to your objectives. With our bespoke solutions, you can experience efficiency, compliance, and growth.