Transform operations with SAP automation built for the transportation industry

We help transportation and logistics companies make their SAP-powered operations, like fleet management and customer logistics, run on their terms. Bring automation and predictive analysis to your SAP systems to optimize your supply chain, meet sustainability goals, and simplify compliance.

Helping the transportation industry change with confidence

We have over 25 years of experience helping transportation and logistics companies tackle evolving challenges. By streamlining the SAP change process with automation, you can improve fleet management, optimize logistics operations, and improve customer service standards.

Reduce costs and delivery times with real-time fleet management and logistics optimization

Stay on top of increasingly complex regulatory frameworks and safety measures

Improve route planning, delivery tracking and customer communication

Solving transportation industry challenges

Navigate your unique business challenges on your terms with our tailored, industry-leading solutions. Ensure seamless operations and unlock competitive advantages through the integration and advancement of autonomous vehicle technologies and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions. 

Integrate with MaaS and autonomous vehicle technologies

Mitigate risks to meet complex regulatory and compliance frameworks

Centralize SAP operations to improve route planning & comms

Gain complete global visibility in a single platform 

Access real-time SAP insights & predictive analytics

Optimize your systems for better delivery times and fleet management

Our SAP solutions for transportation

Combine the actionable insights from ActiveDiscover with powerful automation capabilities of ActiveControl. 


Identify and prioritize the most critical areas of the business impacted by any change

Optimize business synergy by prioritizing and managing multiple projects simultaneously without adversely affecting each other

Automate processes and enable your workforce to focus on high-value activities

Automate and govern change in even the most complex SAP landscapes with ease

Streamline change processes, reduce downtime and support business continuity

Monitor the progress of change initiatives in real time to identify bottlenecks and optimize workflows 

Talk to a transportation expert 

Our team of experts have spent the past 25 years helping the largest transportation and logistics companies in the world redefine SAP change. Set up a call to hear their advice for your unique landscape challenges.