See the impact of SAP EWM changes before they go live

Use predictive insights to analyze the knock-on effects of your changes to EWM. Tackle any issues before they impact your warehouse and supply chain operations.

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Don't trade visibility for customization

SAP EWM sits at the heart of any industry with complex warehousing operations, touching every process from inbound delivery to stock-keeping to packing. While no SAP system is the same, almost every enterprise suffers the same challenges when it comes to managing updates, big or small.

Your warehouses need to be run a certain way, which means you’ve had to customize your EWM software

As you add customizations, you lose sight of which interconnected systems will be touched by changes

Lack of visibility creates anxiety every time you make an update as you wait to hear if any processes have failed

Get predictive insights with ActiveDiscover

ActiveDiscover’s EWM extension helps EWM users understand exactly what will happen when they push changes into production. Whether it’s large updates driven by SAP or small updates from your business, the impact on your processes will never be a surprise.

How ActiveDiscover de-risks EWM change

When you make changes to your EWM system, are you holding your breath every time you go live? Are you delaying projects completely in case they shut down operations? ActiveDiscover empowers developers, change managers, and testers with real-time insights and predictive analytics to remove guesswork and give confidence back to the business.

Get full visibility into not just your EWM system, but every system it touches

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Allow developers to spot and address issues before they even enter testing

Cut the amount of rework needed with proactive problem detection

Focus your testing on the impacted systems to reduce costs and timelines

Push changes into production with full confidence that your processes will be protected

Release your EWM updates at a faster rate without compromising operations

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Receive impact scores based on the effect a change will have on your business

View details on which SAP EWM logical transactions will be affected by your transports

Understand the indirect impact your updates will have on active users and external systems

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