Analyst Firm Intellyx on Basis Technologies’ DevOps for SAP Platform

Basis recently sat down with Intellyx, an analyst firm that focuses on emerging and relevant digital transformation trends and innovative technology solutions. Introducing the Basis Technologies platform through a Brain Candy Brief, we discussed the principles of DevOps we’re bringing into SAP – something that has never been done before. Read the full piece, “Basis Technologies: Making SAP a model DevOps citizen” below.

Covering digital transformation doesn’t mean we are only looking for brand new technologies. We often discover that high-value innovations support companies that are bringing enterprise systems forward into a more agile, modern and customer-centric age.

Which brings us to Basis Technologies. This mature company with new shoes is running quickly with discovery, release management and test automation technology, in order to transform SAP systems into model citizens of the modern DevOps movement.

Anyone dealing with upgrades or integration to SAP environments will tell you that a sequential waterfall release pipeline, and test-in-production are built-in realities of these core systems. Getting SAP to shift-left is about as difficult as getting Bernie Sanders to shift right.

Basis has developed bytecode-level instrumentation to unravel all internal and external calls on SAP systems, observing what they do in production, learning their dependencies and idiosyncrasies, then turning them into agile-ready assets for release, with automated tests generated.

For many large companies, SAP is the only game in town for systems of record, and is often kept out of agile release cycles by design. Any change that could impact the core system must be fully vetted, or the business gets interrupted. Perhaps enterprises can start to lighten the load by bringing SAP systems forward with faster upgrades and release cycles on the DevOps journey.

Copyright 2019 Copyright ©2019  Intellyx LLC. Intellyx advises companies on their digital transformation initiatives, and helps vendors communicate their agility stories. As of the time of writing, none of the organizations mentioned in this article are Intellyx customers.

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