BP adopts Consolidator for an innovative approach to SAP efficiency

Basis Technologies are delighted to announce that BP have chosen to adopt Consolidator, one of the most recent additions to our DevOps Toolset for SAP, to accelerate the process of merging SAP systems – a concern for many firms today as they consider the future path to S/4HANA and the cloud.

The complex nature of an international energy business demands correspondingly sophisticated IT infrastructure, operations and processes.  In BP’s case a significant part of that picture is an extensive landscape of more than 50 SAP systems, providing critical support and enablement to many different areas of business.

An SAP environment of this size is sure to be complicated and can be challenging to maintain, but despite this necessary complexity BP continually strives to find innovative new ways to increase IT efficiency – a forward-thinking approach that has only grown in importance in a challenging global energy market.

As part of this on-going drive for efficiency BP wished to lower costs and optimize IT operations by streamlining the number of SAP systems that they run in their overall SAP landscape.  Finding this to be a time-consuming and expensive process using traditional tools and methods, a search for innovative new options ultimately lead BP to engage with Basis Technologies during the development of Consolidator and to subsequently become one of the first companies to adopt the tool.

Consolidator automates the technical merge (customizing, custom development and hard-coded literals) of two SAP ECC systems, including those running on HANA, with minimal user intervention*.  For BP this solution helped to make system consolidation a viable option and will ultimately support them in achieving a reduction in IT costs and simplification of system maintenance.

*Additional tools are required for automation of other aspects of system consolidation, e.g. merging master and transactional data.

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