B&Q new to Batch Accelerators and ArchiveGT

B&Q operate 360 DIY retail stores across the UK and Ireland with over 3 million customers visiting their stores every week. They run SAP IS-Retail and due to the volume of transactions, process vast amounts of data. Large SAP data volumes lead to slow performance, long running ABAP programs, archiving jobs and BW extractions.

B&Q approached Basis Technologies to speed up critical batch processing in order to accelerate the delivery of information to the business and improve efficiency of their complex supply chain. A short proof of concept of Basis Technologies’ Batch Accelerator provided the answer they were looking for. Batch Accelerator is a unique solution that speeds up how standard and custom ABAP code processes large volumes of data by transforming how ABAP programs operate using distributed processing that delivers dramatic improvements in processing times.

Initially B&Q converted 3 batch jobs, one of which previously took 5 days to run. The results were dramatic – with B&Q managing to run SAP programs between 20-100 times faster.

One particular archiving job that originally took 35 hours to run, completed in just 1 hour 15 minutes when running via ArchiveGT.

Batch processing is a serious bottleneck on many SAP production systems; especially in transaction intensive industries such as Retail, Utilities and Financial Services. Batch Accelerator tackles this challenge head on demonstrated by the incredible results experienced by B&Q.

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