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ENSA EPM Group Install Transport Expresso for Agile processes

Basis Technologies have a new Transport Expresso customer in ENSA EPM Group.

ENSA is one of two utilities that serve the country of Panama, which consumes approximately 2.980 GWh of electricity annually and is home to 409,000 customers.

ENSA selected Transport Expresso because it enables them to manage their complete SAP change and release workflow, supporting automation of transports in order to aid the adoption of a more Agile software development approach.

With Transport Expresso in place ENSA will be able to:

  • Promote a more agile approach to deployments
  • Achieve their target of weekly releases
  • Drastically reduce manual effort in their change process
  • Reduce the risk of production outages
  • Deliver functionality to the business more quickly
  • Improve safety and audibility of transport management

If you’d like to find out what Transport Expresso can do for your SAP development practices, get in touch to schedule a free demonstration of our software.

You can see how BP were able to safely deliver SAP projects faster in this short eBook thanks to help from Transport Expresso.

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