Introducing Basis Technologies’ DevOps toolset for SAP

The rising interest in the DevOps movement has had us really excited for a while now.

Partly because DevOps is a different way of approaching the age-old way of looking at IT – and breaking down traditional thinking to help businesses become more nimble and competitive.

And partly because DevOps is so well aligned with the philosophy that our tools have always delivered.

With Transport Express – we already had a market-leading tool that addressed the DevOps principle of automated deployment – with a flexible workflow approval engine that connects the business, development and operations to create a slicker development life-cycle.

Over a 15 year period, Transport Express has matured into the most popular 3rd party SAP Transport Management solution. But our most recent Dev sprints have focused on transforming an already well-rounded solution to support and deliver real-world DevOps support for SAP customers out-of-the-box

The DevOps toolset sees Transport Express delivered as 3 individual, flexible solutions that address specific goals of DevOps

The simplest way to automate SAP transport deployment and improve collaboration between Dev, Ops and the business.

Expresso enables SAP deployments to be automated based on workflow approvals that start long before development work begins – meaning that change can be managed before transports are created. Fully audited change approvals and automated deployments can be managed via Web, SAP GUI of e-mail and there’s even an expert GUI designed for Basis consultants.

Expresso intelligently manages SAP transport sequencing and comes bundled with the totally unique ability to back-out SAP transports.

With bundled out-of-the box configuration that can be quickly amended to suit everything from the simplest to most complex SAP change management process,. Expresso can be implemented in around 10 days and requires no specialist skills to configure and easily integrates with ITSM and ALM systems including Remedy, ServiceNow and ChaRM.

Enables SAP customers, systems integrators and application outsourcing providers to significantly reduce the cost of SAP projects

It does so by shifting quality to the left of the Dev lifecycle to reduce rework, cycle time and waste. There are 25 ShiftLeft analyzers in total – monitoring the technical objects within every transport as it moves through the Dev lifecycle. Development standards issues and risky objects are flagged before they leave the Dev system – with approvals automatically routed to the relevant approvers.

And, with our Gartner award winning Node5Architecture, ShiftLeft builds a map of complex SAP configuration and code in a relationship repository, providing the totally unique ability to analyze an entire SAP release and instantly perform deep technical impact assessments and produce targeted testing plans based on the objects being modified.

Enables SAP customers to increase the throughput of their development teams without introducing risk

When business move towards faster, more agile SAP releases, they tend to run parallel development systems. This brings an additional layer of complexity, cost and risk. DevMax is the simplest way to manage complex parallel development in SAP. And it does it in a totally different way to other tools on the market – because rather than locking down objects in parallel Dev systems,

DevMax continuously and dynamically monitors for contention and warns Developers without stoping them working. DevMax then automatically merges parallel changes to reduce manual re-keying costs and crucially, eliminate regression issues.

Uniquely, DevMax introduces a number of features to accelerate and de-risk SAP project cutovers, including the ability to fully orchestrate cutover for SAP and non-SAP activities and innovations that reduce downtime by accelerating technical cutover activities to run 25% faster.

The DevOps line-up is completed with the introduction of SnapOps.

A series of snap-in accelerators that are designed to help Ops staff help the Dev process run quickly and smoothly. Building on the success of our rapid SAP system copy solution – System CopyGT we have introduced additional SAP environment management tools including a rapid data scrambling solution and a rapid SAP archive solution.

And, because SnapOps tools are built on our accelerated Node5Architecture, they are able to run common SAP processes many, many times faster by making better use of available hardware capacity.

The entire DevOps toolset is available on simple, low-risk subscription pricing with no upfront capital investment – providing an economical alternative to manual SAP change control for smaller SAP customers – and a more flexible, more powerful alternative to ChaRM for larger SAP enterprises.

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