New Basis Technologies software runs SAP system copy 20x faster

Basis Technologies’ latest innovation enables SAP customers to reduce their SAP production system copy times from days down to just hours – with no additional hardware.

SAP system copies require around 20-30 individual technical tasks. However, one task – BDLS – accounts for up to 90% of the elapsed time of every SAP logical system copy.

Basis Technologies’ System CopyGT accelerates this single process – running the BDLS update in a fraction of its normal run-time.

Powered by the award winning Node5 Diffuser System CopyGT accelerates the BDLS segment of the Logical System Copy process by 20x.

“Our system copy was taking almost 1 day to complete. With System CopyGT it now takes less than 35 minutes. We were simply blown away by the results.”

Download the System CopyGT solution overview to find out how you could dramatically reduce your SAP system copy times today.

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