Procter & Gamble select Basis Technologies’ tools for S/4HANA transition

Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

Procter & Gamble select Basis Technologies’ tools for S/4HANA transition

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The ever-expanding roll call of international businesses that have adopted Basis Technologies’ DevOps Toolset to manage their SAP systems now includes Procter & Gamble, who have selected ActiveControl* to help in their transition to S/4HANA.

As the move to S/4HANA becomes a reality for more and more SAP users the DevOps Toolset delivers the control needed to make the transition safe and robust. It helps to maintain the integrity of data and systems that ensure global business continuity, by aligning and synchronizing ECC and S/4HANA systems. Features such as template management and protection allow selective application of change to global and regional systems, providing an appropriate level of governance in complex SAP landscapes.

“We are extremely proud to have been selected by Procter & Gamble, one of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies and most recognizable brands”, said Martin Metcalf, CEO of Basis Technologies. “Our DevOps Toolset enables SAP users to address one of the biggest technical challenges they face, helping them to manage, align and synchronize changes between S/4 and ECC so that they can run current business operations without interruption whilst implementing and running S/4HANA. As a result, customers expect a reduction in both cost and risk to their system operations.”


* About Basis Technologies

Basis Technologies - the global market leaders in DevOps for SAP - provides advanced automation tools whose comprehensive feature set enables businesses to become more agile and responsive to market needs by delivering faster, more frequent, safer change into SAP systems.

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