Over 50% of SAP customers forecasted to run out of mainstream maintenance by 2027

Basis Technologies urges community to accelerate migration planning 

  • Basis CTO David Lees builds on annual ECC-S/4HANA analysis with “first of its kind” proprietary model 
  • The SAP Adoption Model has been made publicly available for download and use by ERP and IT communities in a bid to understand migration resourcing and dynamics  

London – 26th June 2024: Basis Technologies, a trusted leader in SAP change automation solutions, has revealed a first-of-its-kind SAP Adoption Model giving businesses a holistic view of the ECC and S4/HANA landscape over the next decade. Created by Chief Technology Officer David Lees, the Adoption Model, which has today been made freely available to the SAP community, forecasts more than 50% of SAP customers will run out of mainstream maintenance by the end of 2027, based on projected S/4HANA adoption rates.  

Among the key findings revealed by the Model are the five-year runway businesses gain by ensuring they are on ECC Ehp6 or higher, that SAP migration resource demand likely outweighs availability by peak in 2027, and that nearly three quarters (73%) of customers are not yet on S/4 despite the solution being available for eight years. 

The Adoption Model combines retrospective data from various data sources including respected industry analysts and SAP with predictions to project S/4HANA migration progress related to the 2027 and 2030 deadlines. Through it, Lees and Basis Technologies reveals its most comprehensive analysis capable of forecasting SAP migration trends, with the customizable model freely available for businesses to understand where their proposed transformation program timing fits compared to the upcoming wave.  

Ahead of its public release, the Model has been peer-reviewed by leading ERP and SAP experts and commentaters, including Josh Greenbaum and Jon Reed respectively, Pierre Francis Grillet, Global Lead of SAP Services at SoftwareOne, Robert Holland, SAPInsider’s Vice President and Research Director, and Stuart Browne, Founder of SAP consulting firm Resulting IT.  

“At Basis Technologies we speak with customers daily who are struggling to plan S/4HANA migration journeys in line with their business objectives, maintenance timelines, and resource allocations. The stark reality is that nearly three-quarters of SAP customers are yet to start or complete their migration across to S/4HANA despite it being eight years since its launch,” said Basis Technologies CTO and SAP Adoption Model creator David Lees. “By providing the SAP community with a first-of-its-kind Adoption Model free of charge, we hope to highlight these concerns by unlocking greater levels of understanding regarding crucial S/4HANA migration and how these challenges could be partially overcome by leveraging automation to do migration heavy lifting.”  

The Adoption Model equips users to project key implications for customer adoption, out-of-support exposure, and market resourcing peaks. Based on user predictions, which they can input themselves, data can be manipulated within the model and analyzed with the output projection graphs. 

“Using the Model, enterprises worldwide can analyze S/4HANA migration dynamics that the market will experience in the coming decade” continued Lees. “Made possible thanks to the collaboration and expertise of those who peer-reviewed the Model, our community can recognise the necessity to automate key activities, get the right partners in place, and ultimately progress toward a more successful S/4HANA migration, which will prove crucial to successful business transformation.” 
Robert Holland, Vice President and Research Director at SAPInsider, said “The SAP Adoption Model provides detailed insights into where SAP ERP customers are today, how they are adopting SAP S/4HANA, and the likely timeline for that journey. This is important information for both partners and system integrators that are working with customers to complete that move, as well as for customers so they can better understand timelines and when there are likely to be peak demands on partners. Being able to estimate peak demand for services, and how far into the future deployments will continue, will help customers and partners prepare for a more successful transition. The ability to tweak the model to fit new and changing adoption information only makes this more relevant.” 

The Basis Technologies SAP Adoption Model is available to download here

About Basis Technologies  

Basis Technologies is trusted by the world’s best-performing organizations to unlock their full potential with SAP. Our industry-leading solutions help businesses drive transformation with confidence, achieving the freedom to outpace competitors while safeguarding critical systems that maintain business continuity. We help the likes of P&G, Honda, 3M, and lead the way by bringing actionable insights and automation to SAP change.  

About the SAP Adoption Model 

The SAP Adoption model provides an open, customisable model that allows IT decision-makers to analyse the current migration and package support landscape. Equipped with the functionality to change data inputs and outcomes, the free tool enables enterprises to look under the hood of their transformation journeys and empowers users with a data-driven approach to test timeline, resource, and in-flight progress based on a multitude of assumptions.  

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