BP manages multi-track development across 80+ SAP systems with ActiveControl

BP manages multi-track development across 80+ SAP systems with ActiveControl

5 clever things BP does to deliver SAP projects faster

BP runs dozens of individual SAP instances to manage its global operations. Download this case study to learn about the 5 clever things that BP does to manage change on such a vast scale.

About BP

BP is one of the worlds largest leading international oil and gas companies operating in 29 countries with a very large and complex SAP environment covering multiple geographies. It runs over 80 individual SAP instances to manage its global operations. The volume and pace of SAP change is vast - with hundreds of projects and hundreds of thousands of SAP changes.

Every SAP change has to be made seamlessly, safely, and in a controlled manner with minimal downtime.

Key challenges

BP's change management process was highly manual, slow and often introduced synchronization issues within their multi-track SAP landscape. On top of this, BP noticed slow performance in many of its systems causing late reporting and business users unable to complete their tasks in a timely manner.

How we help

Due to its vast number of SAP systems and 3 development environments, BP was looking for a solution that would reduce the reliance on the manual management of over 1000 transports per month and wanted to be able to move transports easily and safely across its multi-track development environment.

ActiveControl was installed on multiple SAP landscapes within BP’s SAP ecosystem with the view of increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Z accelerators were installed to increase the speed of BP's custom program reports.

What is achieved

By using ActiveControl to safely manage its SAP development process, BP has reduced SAP production system outages by over 70% in the last two years, allowing its business users to operate reliably with minimum impact on the bottom line. Basis resources were freed up to focus on key areas which contributed towards BP completing the delivery of a 5-year development programme within 3 years, delivering multiple projects and effectively managing its SAP change and release process.

In addition, business users who were complaining about poor system performance can now request to have their program considered for acceleration, providing BP with a more agile financial reporting system thanks to using Z Accelerators.

BP says "ActiveControl is an excellent tool, very easy to implement, and has aided our SAP release management process immensely. Without a tool such as ActiveControl we would be in great pain, especially when we get to cut-over activities. We chose it because it’s more flexible and has the kind of advanced features that enable us to deliver SAP projects safely and at pace.”

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    As a long-standing partner, we challenged Basis Technologies to devise a means to make SAP system merges a more realistic proposition. With Consolidator they have delivered a genuinely innovative tool that will allow us to deliver business value more quickly.

    VP for Business Application Services