GE Power

GE Power automates its SAP change and release management process to streamline its business strategy

GE Power automates its SAP change and release management process to streamline its business strategy

How GE, formerly Alstom, streamline SAP project delivery

GE, (formerly Alstom) is committed to delivering the very best products and services and exceeding customer expectations, but with a number of systems and thousands of users across different production environments, managing changes was becoming a challenge.

In this eBook, discover how Alstom accelerated its time to market with a simple software add-on solution, improving the system uptime and reducing the total cost of ownership.

About GE Power

GE Power, formerly Alstom Power, provides a broad array of power generation, energy delivery, and water process technologies to solve challenges locally. They work in several areas of the energy industry, including renewable resources such as wind and solar, biogas and alternative fuels, and coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy. They also develop advanced technologies to help solve some of the world’s most complex challenges related to water availability and quality. 

Key Challenges

At the time, Alstom Power, who was bought by GE Power in November 2015, was undergoing a large 5-year business transformation project, involving a new program rollout of SAP. 

With a number of systems and thousands of users across development and production environments, managing changes has been a complex, manual process susceptible to human error. These errors have not only slowed the process of moving new functionality and upgrades from the development to the production environment, but has led to errors and conflicts being missed entirely until being discovered in the live system. 

Alstom needed an agile tool to deliver efficient, automated, secure and coherent SAP transport management.

How we help

ActiveControl is the leading SAP change and release management tool that provides GE Power with a centralized view of all SAP transports and most importantly, has improved the system uptime and by doing this, reduced the total cost of ownership.

What is achieved

Thousands of transports are successfully deployed throughout the entire SAP landscape whilst maintaining Business as Usual.

ActiveControl helps control downtime and ensures the production environment is always available. Transports are managed more safely and efficiently – for large packages of transports up to 40-50 times faster – enabling rapid project delivery, accelerating the company’s time to market.

The solution’s automation means that the development to production process is much safer and less likely to encounter issues, reducing the cost and time associated with manual intervention. GE Power now has peace of mind that everything within production is clean with all issues identified and solved within the development environment.