CEMEX uses ActiveControl to reduce risk and outages in its SAP systems

CEMEX uses ActiveControl to reduce risk and outages in its SAP systems


CEMEX is one of the world's largest building materials suppliers and cement producers. Founded in Mexico in 1906, CEMEX has operations extending throughout the world, with production facilities spanning 50 countries in North America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Key challenges

CEMEX needed to accelerate the deployment of new SAP releases at the same time as increase the confidence in the quality of the development to minimize unplanned system downtime. The company was experiencing delays and increased risk in their SAP development process due to sequencing and dependency problems.

How we help

In just two weeks, CEMEX implemented the market-leading SAP change control tool ActiveControl across all five of its global SAP landscapes. CEMEX has automated its SAP change process with full visibility of all changes and is alerted of dependencies between changes, significantly reducing development risk. The ability to back-out SAP import runs from production in a single click means that in the unlikely case of an outage, its production systems can be restored in minutes, avoiding disruption to the business.

CEMEX quickly experienced great results and an increase in productivity using ActiveControl, with more efficient, cost-effective SAP changes that doesn't break production.