Avoid sleepless nights with SAP automation

Avoid sleepless nights with SAP automation

Are you losing sleep because of your SAP release process?  We understand. 

This video explains how Basis Technologies' automation technology can help.

Talking DevOps for SAP at TechEd 2017

Talking DevOps for SAP at TechEd 2017

DevOps approaches are becoming increasingly common in the wider world of software development, so the pressure is on for SAP teams to reap some of the same benefits.

At SAP TechEd 2017 in Las Vegas, Basis Technologies' experts James Roberts and Jim Dugger discussed the need for DevOps, the benefits it can bring, and what's different about DevOps for SAP.

Watch this video to learn more.

Testimony: Re-inventing SAP testing

Testimony: Re-inventing SAP regression testing

New SAP functionality is always properly tested before you deploy it to production, so why doesn't the other 98% of your highly-integrated system - any of which might be unexepected affected by changes - always get similar attention?

The answer is usually quite simple: while regression testing protects your critical business processes, doing it the traditional way is disruptive, time-consuming and complex.

Testimony changes the game with a radical new approach called Robotic Test Automation.

Watch this short video to learn more.

Integrate ActiveControl with Rational Team Concert from IBM

Using IBM's Rational Team Concert (RTC) to Manage and Deploy SAP transports

Rational Team Concert provides an integrated environment for Agile software development including Agile planning, process control, build management and reporting.

But if you run SAP, there’s a disconnect. SAP has it’s own proprietary deployment technology - SAP transports. Meaning that user stories in RTC can’t be directly linked to SAP changes.

This slows down the whole Agile development process and kind of defeats the object of Agile and Continuous Development.

But there’s a neat solution to this barrier to Agile development for SAP customers.

Watch this short video to see how the bi-directional RTC connector for ActiveControl works.

How BP Gains control over SAP Archiving

How BP Gains control over SAP Archiving

In this video, Ian Stubbings, SAP Development Architect at BP, talks about how they accelerated their standard SAP SARA transaction to run archiving much, much faster and with greater control using ArchiveGT.

Run custom ABAP programs faster

Run custom ABAP programs faster

Z Accelerators instantly speed up your custom Z Programs using our Gartner award-winning Node5 Diffuser algorithm.

Our unique Diffuser algorithm dynamically distributes ABAP processes across available processing capacity - meaning that ABAP code runs many, many times faster.

With Diffuser, you can dynamically speed up, slow down, stop and re-start ABAP processing at run-time.

Diffuser also provides an estimate of time remaining and percentage run-time completion – meaning that you instantly know when jobs and reports will finish.

Processing and presentation logic are separated in accelerated Z Programs, meaning that in addition to running faster, the results are automatically stored for interactive analysis in our innovative MiniCubes. This means that multiple users can access the same result set via the MiniCube - resulting in less strain on servers as reports become 'run-once-view-many'.

Scrambling production data for better SAP testing

Scramble production data for better SAP testing

The best testing happens when you're using production-like data. But performing a full system copy of your production system involves exposing sensitive information - like salaries, addresses, dates of birth - to your testing teams.

So you need to anonymize it. Which can be really slow and complex.

In this video we explain how ScrambleGT makes the process of scrambling sensitive production data simpler and much, much faster.

Run faster SAP System Copies

Run faster SAP System Copies

If you want to move to faster SAP releases, you need to be able to quickly whip up the ideal testing environment - with a full copy of production-like data.

But all too often this is a real drag because BDLS run-times can be really, really slow.

Watch this short video to discover how System CopyGT accelerates your SAP system refresh process, enabling testing teams to move towards continuous testing and shorter development life-cycles.

Revolutionize your SAP speed

Revolutionize your SAP speed

Adding new functionality to your SAP system can be a huge headache. One of the biggest challenges customers face is the separation of their business requirement and technical changes.

In this short video, find out how ActiveControl will revolutionize the way you manage your SAP development process - integrating the technical and business changes right from the word 'go'.


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