10 Principles of Automated SAP Change and Release Management

Key aspects of a modern approach to innovation delivery in SAP systems

Automation can make life easier, save money, increase efficiency and increase productivity. Or to put it another way, automation means that tasks can be carried out more quickly, in greater volume, at higher quality, with lower cost.

But despite such benefits, even many of the world’s largest global firms have yet to automate their delivery of SAP change — a remarkable fact given that some of the systems involved are critical to the successful operation of multi-billion dollar businesses.

To help those considering how automation can accelerate innovation without putting business continuity at risk, we’ve put together this guide that explains the key principles of a modern, automated approach to SAP change and release management.

Download the ebook now to learn about the kind of functionality you should be looking for in an automated SAP change and release process, and the outcomes that Basis Technologies’ customers have seen.

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