Webinar: The impact of Digital Transformation on SAP

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Webinar: The impact of Digital Transformation on SAP

Webinar: The impact of Digital Transformation on SAP

The importance of faster application delivery and how you can achieve this in your SAP systems without compromising safety and stability.

In the digital age, businesses run the risk of being left behind if they fail to respond to the changing, and increasingly demanding, wishes of their customers.

For many companies, DevOps is a part of this digital transformation puzzle, giving them the agility and operational benefits needed to change IT systems fast.

In this webinar recording, we’ll explain how you can improve processes so that your SAP systems can also respond at the pace of business. We’ll demonstrate how ActiveControl is helping companies in their digital transformation by allowing them to deliver SAP changes quickly and safely.


About the speaker James Roberts

James Roberts

James joined Basis Technologies in 2009 and brings almost 30 years’ experience in the software industry and over 20 years of global experience in the field of SAP working for major multi-national companies. 

Having previously been responsible for product management, James is now our Chief Technology Officer. 

James heads up technology and engineering at Basis Technologies, driving strategic product innovation and ensuring that our development and support teams deliver world-class solutions alongside a 24x7 global support service. As an expert evangelist on the application of DevOps and Agile Development within SAP environments, James has spoken at numerous global events, in order to drive strategy and propose innovative ways of working for thousands of SAP users.