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7 misconceptions about Agile Development for SAP and how to challenge them

The digital age is forcing companies to adopt better ways of delivering software so they can remain competitive. New methodologies like agile and DevOps support the increasing need for faster delivery, great customer responsiveness, and crucially, more flexibility in what software can be delivered when. But there are still many people who believe that these modern application delivery processes simply don’t or can’t apply to SAP, despite the evidence to the contrary.

Basis Technologies has helped hundreds of customers adopt agile development and as a result these companies have achieved tremendous benefits, including faster delivery of SAP change and lower risk. With this in mind, we take a look at some of the common misconceptions that still exist around using agile for SAP and provide an alternative view.

This eBook will touch on many important topics, including:

  • Compliance, documentation and approvals
  • Distributed SAP teams
  • Scaled frameworks such as SAFe
  • Greenfield implementations