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Unit Test Automation: A step towards Agile Delivery and DevOps in SAP

A seismic shift in the way companies operate and engage with customers is occurring. It’s being driven by a perfect storm of technological development. And it’s changing everything.

Automated unit testing and test-driven development offer organizations the opportunity to shift-left quality control and address defect fixes at the development stage. The goal is to identify problems and bugs early in the development lifecycle, but the process of unit testing can be very time-consuming, not to mention tedious.

Whether combined with a DevOps approach or more traditional project methodologies, automated unit testing and test-driven development enable organizations to dramatically reduce the cost of software defects, accelerate the development of code, and deliver new functionality faster.

Download this eBook to discover how your company can:

  • Move to a test-driven development environment
  • Automate testing to ensure quality code delivery
  • Achieve more frequent release cycles
  • Build a foundation for agile delivery and DevOps for SAP