Benchmark Report: Change Management and Testing for SAP

SAP customers today face increasing business demand for high-quality and rapid software deployments and updates. SAP’s accelerating product roadmap demands a faster and more collaborative approach to development, change management, and testing. In addition, most SAP customers continue to add non-SAP applications that integrate with SAP.

SAP teams, used to multi-year development projects followed by years of maintenance, must now adapt to this rapid, multi-modal development world. Change management and testing functions become critical to meet this scenario, yet many customers struggle with them. This leads to subpar application quality, suboptimal business value, compliance issues, business disruption, project delays, and budget overruns.

In Q3 2020, SAPInsider surveyed 210 IT professionals of the SAPInsider community across the world on their change management and testing goals, challenges, and technologies.

Read the report on the findings from the survey to:

  • Learn about key expectations from the business that impact change management and testing
  • Understand how respondents are modernizing their change management and testing functions with Agile, DevOps, Testing automation and other technologies and tools.
  • Learn about the major challenges that IT teams face to deliver to their goals
  • Receive recommendations for modernizing your change management and testing functions to set up for success

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