Vistaprint: Embracing Agile and Accelerating S/4HANA Adoption

Vistaprint’s SAP team selected automation software from Basis Technologies as they embraced a company-wide transformation journey that has helped to dramatically increase speed and reduce time-to-value.

Having scaled from a start-up to a global e-commerce brand, Vistaprint realized that their business had become less responsive to customers and the market. A company-wide agile transformation was initiated to accelerate value streams and shorten the concept-to-cash process. The company’s SAP team needed to find a way to align with this agile initiative and integrate business-critical SAP systems into the project. The means to support an effective, efficient migration to S/4HANA was also required.

Download this case study to find out why Vistaprint selected ActiveControl to help them succeed in their agile transformation and transition to new S/4HANA systems.

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Embracing Agile and Accelerating S/4HANA Adoption at Vistaprint