How Leading Global Retailer Delivered Agile SAP Transformation

A leading global retailer selected ActiveControl, DevOps automation from Basis Technologies, to align SAP with a company-wide shift to agile software development after concluding their previous SAP change control tooling was too cumbersome and not responsive enough.

The company’s goal was to move from quarterly SAP releases to a new agile approach based on two-week development sprints. But shifting to a pattern with over 70 agile SAP product teams working in parallel was far from easy. Modern SAP automation was needed to provide the speed, visibility, control and flexibility that would help make the company’s agile transformation a success.

Download this case study to find out why a leading global retailer selected ActiveControl to help them become more agile through faster SAP deployments and greater developer autonomy.

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Leading Global Retailer Delivers a Major Agile SAP Transformation