How IPG Used DevOps for SAP to Increase Agility and Responsiveness

Interpublic Group (IPG) selected Basis Technologies’ automation software as part of a DevOps initiative designed to ensure that their SAP systems are able to effectively address the challenges of an increasingly digital market.

Digital disruption has had a major impact on the world of marketing and advertising. As competition and customer expectations increased, the delivery cycle of product enhancements for IPG’s business-critical SAP systems was perceived internally as being out of touch and too slow to respond. A new way of working was required, but a highly dispersed global team, stringent compliance requirements and a regular flow of new business acquisitions made this already complex challenge all the more difficult.

Download this case study to find out why IPG selected ActiveControl to help them adopt DevOps for SAP, and increase agility and responsiveness.

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How IPG used DevOps for SAP to increase agility and responsiveness