Run custom ABAP programs faster

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Run custom ABAP programs faster

Z Accelerators instantly speed up your custom Z Programs using our Gartner award-winning Node5 Diffuser algorithm.

Our unique Diffuser algorithm dynamically distributes ABAP processes across available processing capacity - meaning that ABAP code runs many, many times faster.

With Diffuser, you can dynamically speed up, slow down, stop and re-start ABAP processing at run-time.

Diffuser also provides an estimate of time remaining and percentage run-time completion – meaning that you instantly know when jobs and reports will finish.

Processing and presentation logic are separated in accelerated Z Programs, meaning that in addition to running faster, the results are automatically stored for interactive analysis in our innovative MiniCubes. This means that multiple users can access the same result set via the MiniCube - resulting in less strain on servers as reports become 'run-once-view-many'.